USB 2 vs USB 1.1



ok, first post: here goes…

just got the above external drive. had read errors on first two attempts , then updated firmware, then burnt one dvd ok. system@ wix xp pro, athlon 2 gig, 512mb ram, plenty of hd space, datawrite yellows 8x media, udma is selected in hd controllers.

the problem:
i used “1clickdvdcopy/dvd43” and “copy to dvd” to achieve a successful copy, but the copying process took between 1 and 2 hours at what looked like 6x speed. the drive warned me about my connection NOT being usb2, but. i assume that if im connecting through a non-usb 2 hub, then theres no way for windows to “allow” the drive to act at usb 2 speed

my guess is that its the usb 2 thats increasing the burn time. do i need a usb 2 hub or do i have usb 2 in win xp? (dev mgr says “standard enhanced” pci to usb host controller, but that the only mention of advance in dev mgr.

thanks guys.


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