USB 2 problem

I have a LG dual format DVD burner hooked upto a HP Laptop via a USB 2 cable. I am running Windows XP Home edition all updated.
Problem occurs and gives this message "ahi-speed device is plugged into a non Hi-speed USB hub.
It takes me well over an hour to burn one disc at this current set-up.
How do i change this set-up to get my USB hub to run at hi-speed. The computer is only a few months old.


the usb ports are usb 1.1 not 2.0. the operate at only 12 Mbps while the 2.0 is @ 480 Mbps. you’ll have to get a USB 2.0 pc card that fits into your pcmcia slots. i have one for mine and it works fine.

When i look in my system registry it lists the usb ports as USB 2. ?

I was wondering if perhaps i need to install something from my windows disc to make the drivers recognise them as USB 2?


maybe u have different speed ports on ur laptop and u put the burner on the slow port. What OS are u using? everything except 98SE has the drivers automatically installed. If using 98 u’ll have to use the usb2 drivers that are likely to have come with the enclosure.
(if its possible to go firewire, I recommend it over usb2 as it gives less issues for me at least)