USB 2 port power output

I want to get a USB device that “needs a working current no less than 1300mA”. No communication involved, the port will only need to provide power.

The USB spec is 5 volt, .5A max from a USB port. However they do sell wall warts and car chargers that have a USB connector on them. Maybe something like that can put out 1.3 amps?

That’s what I always figured, but in Wikipedia under USB it had this cryptic entry:

[I]In Battery Charging Specification[31], new powering modes are added to the USB specification. A host or hub Charging Downstream Port can supply a maximum of 1.5 A when communicating at low-speed or full-speed, a maximum of 900 mA when communicating at high-speed, and as much current as the connector will safely handle when no communication is taking place; USB 2.0 standard-A connectors are rated at 1500 mA by default. A Dedicated Charging Port can supply a maximum of 1.8 A of current at 5.25 V. A portable device can draw up to 1.8 A from a Dedicated Charging Port. [/I]