USB 2 host controller?

I just hooked up an ADS Tech Instant DVD 2.0 - for recording my old VHS movies directly into my computer and then burning to DVD.

I plugged it into the a USB port but I’m getting the message " there are no high-speed USB host controllers installed on this computer" ( which is required for the device to run at preferred speed).

I don’t understand what this means and therefore how to fix it.

If someone could give me an explanation on what to do - I would greatly appreciate it.

My mainboard is an MSI KT6 Delta - the manual referrs to USB 2.0 connectors - so I assume I have USB 2 ports in back. I’m confused!!



The message is just saying that even though the device will work fine, it will only work at USB 1.1 speeds.

As for the motherboard supporting USB 2, does it need to be enabled in the BIOS?

What operating system and service pack do you have installed, gadfly? Some need a patch installing from Microsoft to have USB 2.0 support.


Thanks to both of you for the prompt reply. I love this site for the great help you guys give.

I’m running XP Pro Service Pack one. This am I’m going to check the CD that came with the mainboard and see if there’s some stuff on it that I might not have gotten installed. Then I’ll check their site for updates. After that I’ll check Microsofts web site to see if there might be an added ‘update’ there which I might have missed. Thanks for the heads up on that possibility. I’ll post my results.


Found the drivers on the MSI CD - it didn’t install on the first go around because it had to be installed after the Service Pack one was updated.

The drivers created a few glitch re:dll - which took me a few hours to sort out - but all seems well now. Which means I can get back to finishing my ‘project’.

Thanks again for the suggestions.