USB 2.0 or Firewire to get dvd quality

Well, I just spent $500 on a Sony DCR-TRV22 digital camcorder. I wanted to capture dvd quality (or close) video to my computer to burn onto dvd.
The usb 2.0 that was provided worked, but not too well. THe video is nowhere near dvd quality. It looks nothing like the quality that is playing back on my lcd screen on the camera.
My question is, will firewire do the trick? I guess all I would need is a firewire card for my comp and a cable.
I am running athlon 2600, 512mb ram, 200 gig hd, win xp.


It sounds like your capture settings are jacked up.
Make sure to capture in DV format in whatever editing program you are using.

So there should be no difference in quality between usb 2.0 and firewire?

Exactly. USB and Firewire is just needed for the transport to your computer. You need to check what recording mode you have set in your Sony DCR-TRV22. As wesociety already said, DV (digital video) would give the best looking quality.

i posted the same questions to another forum. hate to say it, but dv through firewire is not the same as capturing thru usb 2.0.
check this link

usb2 and firewire are both capable of the very high bandwidth and are digital. i see no reason that they would not be the same

(although if you have another usb defice that IS NOT high speed connected to the same internal connector (usually they are paired) as the high speed usb it will downgrade the speed dramatically)

usb2 and firewire…as stated above…are just a means of getting you recorded video to your hard drive, has nothing to do with the end product, except how long it takes that product to get on you HDD.

Think of it like this…usb2 is a large box truck that can drive up to 150kph…firewire a cargovan that can drive 5 times faster…both burn gas, you can load boxes of stuff in either viehcle to get to where want it…they are both just a damn cargo truck.

We can argue all day long about whats better usb vs firewire…personally I believe firewire…but neither has any impact on the file you are trying to transfer, thats a function of your recorder…:slight_smile: