USB 2.0...Help

Hope someone can help… I am running on XP and have a HP pavillion that had 2 USB 1.1 slots. Bought a 16X Lite-on DVD burner and needed to install a USB 2.0 PCI card. I installed a 5 slots card (1 internal not used) The only things hooked up to the new USB are a printer and the burner.

Got great speeds for a day or so and now the speeds are down to less than 1X. my task bar pops up a “tip” saying the device would work better thru a 2.0 hi speed slot and so I click the tip to see what slots are open and none of the 5 slots I installed are taken, yet both the printer and burner are thru the card.

Hope someone can help… driving me crazy

Usb 1 is fine for a printer, plug it in there. Remove that card from device manager,shut down computer remove card, reboot, shut down computer and install card, boot computer.
I have found that running usb 1 device on a usb2 card will cause it to revert to usb1 on some cards.

It is sometimes confusing for the computer to have USB1.1 and USB2 drivers operating together. Disable the onboard USB1.1 ports completely in the BIOS and just use the USB2 card on its own. This should work fine. I’m talking from experience here having messed about with five different mobos with USB1.1 having slowdown probs on USB2 cards.