Usage of Commas and Periods

I noticed that Europeans use comma (,) instead of period (.) when a decimal point is involved.

For example:
value of pie = 3,14

How is this pronounced? “three comma one four?” In the US, it’s pronounced “three point one four.”

Also, comma is used to seperate the thousands digit from hundreds digit (ex: 1,234). Am I right in thinking that a period is used isntead? (ex: 1.234)

Since Europe invented still another way to use comma and period, Japan and China will want to invent each of their own in 10 years and then South Koreans will have to learn the US way, European way, Japanese way, and then Chinese way in order to export.

Also, comma is used to seperate the thousands digit from hundreds digit (ex: 1,234). Am I right in thinking that a period is used isntead? (ex: 1.234)
Here in Oz, we use the comma to seperate thousands from hundreds, the comma for decimals is a strange one i’ll give you that, but dont forget where both our countries originated, and how we all have our little differences. example US: color AU: Colour. US: center AU:centre. I’ve always been curious US pronounces Aluminium as Aluminum, (Aloominum) is this how it is spelt in the US or is the I classed as silent?

In the UK we use the , 1,000

EDIT : @GIL When i get time, i will do a thread about some of the weird way we messure things in the UK and some of our other weird ways of doing things :slight_smile:

That is one expensive pie :slight_smile:

I look forward to it. :slight_smile:

Click here to hear how we pronounce “aluminum.”

Is there any country that uses comma for decimals and still uses comma to seperate the hundreds from thousands? Wouldn’t that be confusing?

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value of pie = 3,14


in my area here, value of pie = one point nine nine cents, if on sale. You can choose from blueberry, strawberry etc :bigsmile:

Pie! :iagree:

Dear god!
As you discussing the English’s weird ways, you will die likely die before you manage to list a small fraction of them all…

This is true Debro, i can but try :):stuck_out_tongue:

1,000 although being lazy I do sometimes just put down 1000
1,000.00 doesn’t happen for me. That does become 1000.00

3.14 always.

I would pronounce 3,14 as 3 comma fourteen
One thousand is 1000, two thousand 2000 etc
For big numbers we use space, hence one hundred thousand is 100 000
One hundred thousand comma 4 is 100 000,4
One million is 1 000 000 and so on.

Comma in place of period is only used when numbers are involved, right? You don’t use comma to end a sentence, correct?

When will you separatists finally accept the metric system… :wink:

never! :bigsmile:

We’re sort of half metric at the moment, thats the problem here in the UK, but i’ll save it for me thread which i’ll try and do tomorrow :wink:

In some European countries there is no strict rule what to use. Only “custom law” determines in what spheres what is common or acceptable to use.

And yes, in some cases we end the sentence with a comma,
Usually it happens when we rush, mispell or try to post after having had a bottle of wine. :smiley:

I sometimes see sentences end with triple commas (,) instead of triple periods (…)

I wish we (US) use metric system. It makes for easier conversion.

How many feet are there in a mile? Let’s see… 16 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard so there must be 5280 feet in a mile. How the @#$%& did they come up with those measurements???

No wonder we’re poor in math.

I’m a firm believer in metric over imperial, it does simplify maths, as long as we dont employ metric time. 80 past 8 will leave me very late for work. And thanks Gil T Pleasure now my question is answered.

In uk last year someone was taken to court because they refused to sell fruit by metric measurements.
They carried on selling by the pound (lb)
This was because of some new european laws…
Never heard what happened though…