Usable backup of Act Of War HT doable?



Hi, just buyed a copy of Act Of War HT, but i don’t wanna use the original disc, is there a way to copy the DVD so that i can use it to play the game?

Tried searching around, but found no easy answer :>.

The game uses Tages i know at least.



I buy ALL my games but I really don’t like use my original so I try copy them all time.

I’m not able to copy Act of War: Direct Action
Version 1.0… SecuROM
Version 1.03 (patch 1b)… SecuROM
Version 1.04.8 (patch 2)… SecuROM
Version 1.05 (patch 3)… SecuROM
Version 1.06 (patch 4)… SecuROM

Neither Act Of War High Treason
Version 1.0… SecuROM
Version ? (patch 1)… SecuROM 7…
Version ? (patch 1b)… SecuROM 7…

If somebody know how to copy DVD protect with SecuROM please show us all step by step.
Thanks by advance !


Well there are cracks avaible that can be used for creating a backup. However I doubt its possible to create a real 1:1 backup of it. :\


You can create a working image or backup with Alcohol 120 % if it is securom (in France all AOW are protected with securom)