[USA] Staples: Teon 8x DVD media, $5/20-pack, no rebates (week of 19 Dec 2004)

Good stuff. I got some +R media, and it turned out to be CMC MAG E01… burns quite nicely. The -R is CMC MAG. AE1 and it also burned very nicely. No rebates needed.

+R’s CMC MAG E01 burn good on my NEC 3500 and my BenQ 1620 :bigsmile:

Damn…I don’t need media but it does burn nice on the 1620…

ok ok I’m off to Staples Monday!!!

Not to bad, for testing purpose :smiley:

at what speed do you guys burn them at? i have 2/3 burns where the color of the disc is darker than the other.(looks like rainbows :a ) Btw i have a liteon 8x +RW drive and i burned one at 4x and 8x. at the beginning of the burn, my drive seem to have a problem iding the disc and some strange clicking sound comes out :eek: anyone got any idea what it could be?

Burned mine at 8x on a 1213S@1633S BS41 here:

I have been burning these Teton (CMC MAG EO1 and CMC MAG AE1) from Staples successfuly at 12x with my NEC 3500 with Liggy/Dee’s modified fireware. :slight_smile:

I just picked up a pack of the DVD+Rs. It worked just fine on my NEC 2510A. It burned at 8x with no trouble. I was a little hesitant on buying them since I knew they weren’t going to be great but I was pleasantly surprised.

Look at the -R tests in the new CD Freaks Mad Dog review. There are two CMC MAG. AE1 tests there, one Memorex-branded, and one Teon-branded. Look at how the Teon did compared to the Memorex. That was what gave me confidence in Teon despite it being a generic brand. It’s probably mostly luck, of course, but I’ve so far had two very good Teon spindles.

Cmc has earned a reputation for questionable media but the e01’s (and if I am not mistaken the 8x -r’s too) are a partnered effort between philips and cmc using philips dye. I have had good enough results from them that I bought 150 philips branded cmcmage01 (they kprobe really well). I hope the 100 tdk cmcmage01 I just got burn as well. It seems like many are having good results with these. Maybe cmc is making beter media (with the 8x at least) and is trying to change thier reputation.

don’t forget to use the 12% off coupon. brings these discs down to $4.40 for 20 + tax.