USA source for RICOHJPN W11 DVD+RW media?



I hear the RICOHJPN W11 media is the best 4x DVD+RW media you can get, and I need some. Sony and Memorex could be it, according to previous posts I pulled up, but its not a guarantee.

Does anyone have an Internet site that you’ve recently purchased from that definitely has this media?

I’m looking to use it for regular backups, so yes, I’ll need dye that is reliable after 30-40 backups over it.




I have used this for over 6 months; burns like a charm on NEC and this price at Newegg is great.



I got the Ritek 4x +RW from

and it is the RICOJPNW11 mid code - works great!!

However Newegg @ currently has the best price for 100 cakebox at $45.49 shipped-



Mike, you are following me around again. :wink:



Yo chas0039-

Nope - think that we just have similar interests (and similar optical drives)-



Thanks for the tip on the Newegg Ritek.



One more question. How long does a typical DVD+RW disc last with data on it? Can I expect my backups to last a few months? A year?

I know its not as durable as DVD±R media, but what can I expect?



They specify 500 burns, in a perfect world of course. I have yet to have one fail in about 75 burns. Now that the price is the same as burn once media, it is worth it if they only last 100 burns. I have read that when they fail, they just stop writing.