Usa/Pal PS2 Modchip really on its way?

I just posted the article Usa/Pal PS2 Modchip really on its way?.

There are alot of sites (like saying that they have a modchip for the PS2. Ofcourse this is true, when you have a Jap PS2. Since alot of people have a USA or PAL PS2, people are…

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Another problem; the UK version has a scheme where if u play a DVD via SCART it all goes greensih, blue and red are blocked. Any one know a way around this or any other information conserning that ?

think thats macrovision ?..

If you’re hooking you PS2 up to your video, you could get this because of indeed macrovision. Try to connect it directly to your tv. And it should work ok

um… the whole point of conecting it thru SCART is so that you have better picture quality, its sharper along with better colours - ull see the diffrence if u use it.

Its not a macrovision protection, macrovision stops you recoerding the content, so the colours would be fu#ked up when u recored only. If SONY actually botherd to implememnt macrovision rather than taking this cheap cut the DVD playback would have been alright, at least we would have got all 3 colours comin thru. Oh well… acording to SONY its to stop piracy of DVD ?

if you want a modchip for a usa ps2 you can get on at it a cartrige you don’t need to do any sodering

I hope a new one also comes for the JAP model 1000/1500

because my Util disk got damn scratches on it

Actually the RGB/DVD issue with PAL PS2’s has nothing to do with incompabilities. According to the Sony representative at the PS2 release “party” here in Sweden Sony has disabled DVD playback through the RGB-lead to “prevent people from copying DVD’s to VHS”. If you can read swedish there’s an article here:

I have a PAL PS2 and the DVD playback is OK through the RGB scart from by old Psx…

And i mean REAL RGB not just AV …