USA - Nat'l Chain with best prices?

Hi !

Generally I buy by mail, but I’m going to be in the big city in the not too distant future, and I was wondering which national brick-and-mortar store has the best overall prices on DVD media ?

Off the top of my head, I would guess Best Buy, but that might not be true.

This is not for sales, just for regular pricing.


Take a look at their websites, they have all the information.

Typical regular price is 80 cents a disc, typical sale price is 30 cents a disc. Nobody is significantly different.

One exception in Northern California is Fry’s Electronics. They are not quite a national chain, but getting there, slowly. They have slightly better regular prices on brands like TDK and Fujifilm, from what I’ve seen. [But stay away from their cheap, in-house GQ brand.]

Are you looking for disks or hardware or what? In all honesty, the sale prices are the only good prices at most of these stores. It very much depends on what you want to buy. If you go prepared to get the best deal on anything at one store, you are going to get raped. Know what you want and what it is worth first.
I have friends who work at fry’s and best buy, and both get employee discount based on cost (actually frys uses margin so its not near as good a discount). My friend at best buy may have bought a cable for 9$, that was returned by another person for over 100$ in store credit(it wasn’t me but I wouldn’t swear it wasn’t me in court, just wanted to see what would happen). If you are going to walk blindlly into a store, any store, you are going to get raped. Given the choice though, frys wouls be beter than bestbuy (if there is a frys there). If it is media, 15$ per 50 is standard sale price for any good media at any store (it gets cheaper but thats a good price). Know what media you are buying before you go or again, you might get screwed (get some ritek), even if the price is right.
Just realized you did say dvd media (boy do I feel stupid).
Still, see whats on sale. what cost 15$ on sale, might cost 40$ off sale so there is no good store.
If you tell us what major stores are are avalable to you, I’ll tell you what media might be on sale, so you at least have something to go on. Media that is not on sale is usally a ripoff.

Just looked through your post history (brieflly). You seem to know your media, what media code are, what your drive likes (and I assume whate medias are what code). I didn’t mean to insult you with what I posted, but it actually makes it easier. If you can post what stores will be avalable to you, I can find what is on sale and try to find media codes. If you just want to blindlly go and see what you find? Frys and micro center are both very good places to find unadvertised specials (it may or may not be ad as they both have quirks about their ads). With the rest (bestbuy, circuit city, staples, ofice depot, office max, the ones that usally compete with media, theres little chance of non advertised deals). If I had to pcik a best store for chance of a rare clearance deal, it would be staples, but they clearance fast so its gone fast (you might get there at the right time and luck out but they are posted on sites very fast ans stock is gone instantlly). It wouldn’t hurt to check. Office depot also runs mega deals, but they work diffrentlly. They mark down some every week to get the most they can, and it is tracked on fat wallet. I also work next door to them (markdowns are usally national), but I have not seen media in a while (got good clearance deals in the past though).
I would go prepared, knowing where to go and what to look for, and I would be more than happy to try to help as I’m sure others wil be, with a few stores in mind to see what might pop up, if not, you might get disapointed and I would hate for you to waste the trip if your intention is to get media (even if you are going for other reasons, why not have the best chances for some media?

Can’t go wrong just going straight to Best Buy and forgetting the others.

That doesn’t make much sence unless bb has media on sale…fuji 8x but only the made in japan packs (check the label). verbatium 20 pack of dual layer for 40$, andother good deal, anything else at best buy? Do you mena go straight to bestbuy and pay 40-100$ per 50 pack (you should see some of the old stuffin thier system that they wont clearance).

No, I mean all the shopping you’re gonna do to save maybe .03 cents isn’t worth it. OVERALL Best Buy has the best prices. You might find lower prices on some things elsewhere but for the most part save your gasoline, wear and tear, time and effort and just go to Best Buy for everything.