USA: 100 Pack Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R Media, $24.80

100 Pack Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R Media 4.7GB Silver Lacquer Blank DVDR Disc (DVD-R47VAL600SK), $0.33 Each

100 Pack Save $8 Now With Coupon Code MD1023158off
Sale Price: $24.80



Are these REAL TY or the fake ones? Thanks!

Nice find and nice price. :slight_smile:
Did you try this thread?
Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens.

Those are real TY but they are value line TY. This means that they aren’t quite up to the standards of the premium TY that you would get from such sites as All-in-all they are still very good discs. However, you might want to check out the shipping charges. seems like eachtime supermediastore and meritline run these so-called specials, they compensate by jacking up the shipping costs. I paid $30 shipped a couple of months ago for 100 of these and it is pretty rare that I have seen one of these “sales” that has beaten that cost after factoring in shipping.

nice discount, but for where i’m located (midwest US) these value disc TY’s … which are real (at least from supermediastore , shop4tech ) have a shipping cost of $7.92

so u save 8 cents so basically they should just offer free shipping on the regular price… i hate it when they don’t include shipping… oh well thanks for the heads up though
32$ and free shipping, there was a coupon code a week ago that made them 28$ with free shipping, but that code has since expired

i got three packs so thanks to some nice fellow who pointed that may10off discount code out to other on here in one of Chas0039’s threads about TY’s


so thank u to HenryNettles :slight_smile:

That’s a good deal if they are genuine TY, grade-A media, and come in a cakebox as pictured. Sounds possible if they uncovered some old 4x stock they want to liquidate. Usually, any genuine 4x TY at that price is actually grade-B stock that’s poorly shrink wrapped instead of cakeboxed.

I’ve heard some bad things about Meritline so buyer beware. has a great reputation for exclusively grade-A TY, and their 8x is around $42/100 plus shipping.

i’ve used over 500 of these ‘Value Line’ TY’s and yet to run into a bad burn or disc , writing at 8x with them the error scans come out stellar burnt on my nec 3500ag

hopefully some value line discs come out for 8x media so we can burn those at 12x on certain burners. i assume all of taiyo’s presses have to come to the end of their longevity and they know they can press alot more out though but sell them at a discount…fine by me, they seem to be of better quality than any taiwan, malaysia, india, or singapore made media out there

…i’ve had 1 pk sold under the pretense they were 4x 01’s that ended up being TY 8x 002’s and they all burnt at 12x (thanks supermediastore)


These sometimes are B grade 8x Ty’s-

Rima is currently at $41 + shipping for both -R and +R 8x medias - all “A” Grade - and from a great vendor-


shipping from rima to me is 9$ on those… 50$ is too rich for my blood right now, ill take B grade discs as long as they continue to pan out as they have for the last 500 … 30$ is much more tempting for a MIJ product that is still TY

i do like rima, fast shipping and all, but 9.83$ is too much imho for shipping to the midwest on one 100pk of TY’s … call me frugal/cheap…i dont care…cuz i am lol

I have to agree with adderal, I’ve been through at least 300 of these TY value line discs and I haven’t had one problem. I don’t have a drive that can do quality scans but from what I’ve seen they are 95% of the TY grade-A…TY is the best for a reason, i.e, their EXTREMELY high standards.

Also, I wouldn’t call them “poorly shrink-wrapped”. They come tightly wrapped, they dont come apart even in UPS rough shipping, and I’ve yet to see one scratched. If you buy them shrink wrapped, just make sure you’ve got a cakebox or spindle to put them in/on.

They say 4x, the TYG01 I’ve got burns at 8x in my NEC 2510. Chas posted some scans and came to the conclusion that they like 8x better (at least on NEC’s). I’ve heard the G02’s will burn at 12x on capable burners.

If you are going to go with this media, you owe it to yourself to check and first. I’d go with supermedia first, then shop4tech a far second. The first and last order I put in with meritline was cancelled due to some blatant bait-and-switch.

I’m using Dangerous Brothers firmware (2.18) and I write TY02’s at 16X if I want. (I usualy slow them to 12X, but I’m just saying, they WILL burn at 16X in a 3500AG with the right firmware.) If you’d like a direct copy of the firmware that’s on my drive as we speak, drop me an e-mail address in PM and I’d be happy to send out a copy as an attachment.


I have a question for you guys that call the 4x GD ty01 Grade “B” media? Who sells the 4x Grade “A” media??? Im not talking about the ty02 stuff that some folks received when ordering the value but Real Grade “A” Premium stuff.

I have yet to see any “Proof” that the Value is remarked, Rejected Premium Grade anything. Has anyone received this information from TY Japan? I cant believe that the quality of the 4x media is anything less than Grade A. Someone care to prove me wrong?


Yo crankydan-

The clue may be in the vendors calling it “Value Discs” and the several folks that have cross compared their scans between this and the known “A” Grade media-

My info came from within the SuperMediaStore Forums-



Here is my opinion, TY has some stamping machines with 4x die, now here is the problem. The market has no place for 4x because of all the manufactures are loaded and selling the crap out of 8x or 16x media (faster has got to be better right?), so TY follows suit and provides what the market is in demand of. But wait, what the heck will TY do with all this 4x TG01 media, I know lets “VOLUME” wrap this stuff and send it to the states and call it “VALUE”.

Like my above post requested and still not answered is simply this, where can I purchase Taiyo Yuden TG01 media that is “GRADE A”. I think we both know the answer to this one. You cant, why - because TY doesnt ship it to the states. Why should they when the standard is 8x or higher.

I would like to see some “Grade A” 4x TG01 Scans. I dont need any scans of the Value, I have plenty of my own.

Just something that has been bothering me for sometime now. It shouldnt be called Grade B, or even Grade A reject in my opinion.

This whole grade A or grade B talk has no basis IMO.
It may very well be that TY sees a market for x4 discs that are still profitable for them. And they call it “value” because you are getting a great product for a low price - hence the “value” marketing speak.
The only way they are “inferior” to x8 and x16 discs is they take longer to burn and therefore have potentially less appeal and price point value.
I get great burns with these discs.

they are real TY, but they are the value TY, not like those Premium TY you seen in big brand like Fujifilm, Sony, TDK, and maxell

I spoke directly to a local distributor who purchases directly from TY for a duplication service. He said that TY had told him these were more prone to “block errors” but were still very high quality media. I have found no problems at all with any of the media I have purchased from any of three sources. It all seems to burn and look as good as any TY from before.

I have ran into one batch of the “value discs” that had a defect in the dye near the outer edge which rendered about 10 discs pretty much useless. I have also noticed that this batch has bubbles in the center ring area which I thought a bit odd. The disc scans have been nice though. I would definately buy them again for $30/100. I also was sent one of the TYG02 8X packs which were awesome.

Awhile back when I ordered my 4x value TY’s I got 100 shrunk wrapped and they were all TYG02’s :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Now they have 200 TY 4X DVD-R + 200 Pack Paper Sleeves combo and free shipping = $59.99 :slight_smile:

That 4x DVD-R is definatly a good deal but they have an 8x Taiyo Yuden Value Line at and I have had no problems with this stuff at all. Does anyone know why it is called Value Line?