US0N vs VS08 - different scan results


I’ve received different scan results of the same disk using US0N and VS08 firmware.

Burner: 812s
Media: RICOHJPNR01/02 (TDK) burned x4 by US0N.

First scan: US0N, KProbe v2.1.0

Second scan: VS08 (812@832), KProbe v2.2.3, same disk

It seems, that VS08 scan is about 2 times better then the US0N scan. Why? Which one tells true?

I made the same observation when trying out the US0N and VS04 firmwares.

There seems to be inconsistency between the errors reported in each firmware. I don’t know if that’s because one firmware makes the drive a better reader and it sees less errors. Or if its something else.

As I recall though, I had the opposite situation as you. My US0N scans were always much better.

if you take away your spikes (remove highest point) the scans are very close. scanning the same disk twice even with the same firmware is going to give you slightly different results. and firmware does change scans a little but in your case its barely noticiable. though if i were to trust which one was more accurate id say the 832 would be.

also your using two different versions of kprobe…and i dont know what karr has changed but that could be something too.