Us0n Pi/pif-10000/200, Vs04 Pi/pif-5000/500

I know both disks are near perfect, assumming the peaks are equal and very constant, technically which disk is better. ie PI or PIF is more important?

Neither nor. Both disks have too high PI/PO and thus are crappy and I dont think it is readable is it?


Sorry for the confusion both disks are near perfect, the numbers there are the SUM. The average number should be US0N - 1.xx/0.002, and VS04 - 0.xx/0.005

OK, to make my question simpler, 2pi/pif and pi/2pif , which is better disk (assuming peaks are equal and the errors spread evenly)

2 pi, because pif is ( i reckon) failures that cant be corrected by the drive. But 2 pif is awesome. You shouldnt be having any problems with that disc