US0J and earlier vs US0N and VS0(x)

my first post here, but i’m here for a month reading interesting prosts

i’ve bought 812S (with US03) and i’w upg’ing fw to US0J,US0N,US0G,VS01,VS03 and suddenly to last VS04 and Sony DRU-700A. Ofcource not in such order, but i use all, i think combination, flashing my drive with mentioned fw.
I saw that DVD±R burned with US03, US0G,US0J, and Sony fw and then checked with kprobe gave me much better results than checked with US0N,VS01,VS03,VS04.
Also DVD±R burned with US0N,VS01,VS03,VS04 and then checked with kprobe gave me the same results that checking them with US03, US0G,US0J, and Sony fw.

So here is my question what is happening? :slight_smile: Which fw show correct results?
what fw sould i use in my 812S to make beauty burns

in a few days, i’ll try to post all my scans here


Because reading abilities also change with each firmware, it’s best to do all scans using the same firmware…

My opinion on the ranking of these firmwares, from best to worst
1/ US0N
2/ VS04
3/ VS03
4/ US0J
5/ VS01