'us vs john lennon' hangs during mobile conversion



3 tries in a row… conversion to generic avi+MP3

  1. direct from disc

  2. after backup to HDD ( network drive )

  3. after copied above to local drive

no log available ( had to cancel task(s) )


next attempt - over the weekend - will be to make backup disc from HDD then convert to mobile from that


Hi ggmdata,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:



Best Regards,


thanks for the reply, fengtao. sorry to report did not correct

… will be trying agin with ‘path player’ disabled, then back to the idea of first burning backup to disc then attempting mobile conversion

#5 did the same - hung at 72.31% complete


fascinating … still using, burned ( DVD5 ) and it works perfectly in standalone player … watching it now, again … but it hung at the same place converting to mobile, “72.32% complete”


Hi ggmdata,

Do you use this disc?

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fengtao: yes I believe so … closer watching of the backup and original shows some “stuttering” at about 75% through the main title - I guess where it’s hanging during conversion. I did not see a gouge ( scratch ) on the surface of the original. Consider it case closed - teach me again a lesson about acquiring ‘previously viewed DVDs’ on the cheep, sigh