US - Ukraine and illegal copying

I just posted the article US - Ukraine and illegal copying.

Illegal copying… Hmmm… Read this to know more.

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on $75 million worth of metals, footwear and other goods from Ukraine in retaliation for…

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The US has no business doing this.

I am not sure you got the sanctioning facts right. US is not limiting the amount of metals and textile that Ukraine will get, in fact, US cancelled the contracts for $75M worth of that stuff. Ukraine can hardly be sanctioned on food since it is largest agricultural producer in Europe.

This has gone way too far. Yeah, I know the CDs cost about $1 each, but what other way can the people afford entertainment? By the way, I got a cousin visiting over there right now and he’s bringing me back about 50 Dreamcast games for $100 US. Thats about $2 a game!

Dreamcast??? UUgh! :slight_smile:

What if Ukraine KNOWS about this software piracy but doesn’t WANT to do anything against it…

That what you get when the president gets paid by the major companies, like in the US. Europe is going the same direction, if we, the citizens, don’t stop them.

President don’t get paid for shit. its his right had man and their counselet that feed him the B.S all he is a puppet nothing more nothing less. The only reason we have a so called president is so if something goes wrong we can point the finger at someone. :4 Don’t you love the U.S :8

You can dig up some dirt on Bush by searching for ‘Bohemian Grove’ on Google - though most of it’s tripe. One thing’s for sure though, his party is financed to a large extent by major oil giants such as Exon-Mobil. Ever wonder why his govt is so soft on fuel taxes and environmental issues? :wink:

Under cover of sept 11 u.s. government is pulling all sorts of facist strokes its time we all stood up against governments of all sorts,a law is only useful if we are afraid to break it,so me for one will go out of my way to buy anything from Ukraine.I haven’t used anything from U.S. since Vietnam so I don’t have that DoD