US trade sanctions if Ukraine doesn't stop piracy

I just posted the article US trade sanctions if Ukraine doesn’t stop piracy….

Yesterday I reported about the piracy in Malaysia (the office XP) and if they continue they could end up with trade sanctions. But they have also strongly warned ukraine now to stop CD…

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The articles footnote is normally crap, however, this time the writer definitely screwed up ! People living in the Ukraine are making a little bit of money by selling illegal copies of DVD’s and CDROM’s. If you want to stop the piracy invest in local companies and teach the people how to make a decent living. Punishment doesn’t help but that is probably to much for those mad idiots in the USA since they ‘hired’ the dumbest president ever !

it’s like someone stealing food for his family to eat. then he is caught. put to jail. so now, with this punishment, his family does not get anything to eat. what good does it do anyone? instead of helping the family to get food, they end up hungry. so punishing an already poor country makes people there even poorer. making the situation worse. jeez, why don’t these big companies make their own “pirated” version of their software/cd’s etc. then they could sell it cheaper, and still earn from people that can’t afford 100’s of dollars worth of software or 20 dollar audio cds.

Hehe good idea :wink:

us sux and bush is a stuped dude :4

Hey thissuxbigtime. You suck. George Bush is great. :frowning: