US Trade Representative releases notorious markets piracy report

US Trade Representative releases notorious markets piracy report.

[newsimage][/newsimage]BitTorrent sites have long been a target of slighted copyright holders seeking to protect their intellectual property. File sharing services offered by The Pirate Bay, Megaupload and others are invaluable, though possibly illegal. The office of the United States Trade Representative, which fosters trade agreements and interacts directly with foreign governments on myriad issues, published a report on the most "notorious" BT sites out there. Is your favorite on the list? 

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[QUOTE=Justin_Massoud;2577769]Is your favorite on the list?[/quote] Well yeah. Duh.

But i also found a couple of new ones! Thanks US Trade Office! :bow:

I love Megaupload, don’t you?

While it’s possible demonoid is in Ukraine, I doubt the actual hosting of The Pirate Bay is still in Sweden. The thing is, the more the ‘authorities’ force these sites to keep sailing around to different companies makes the tracking of it’s users all the more difficult a task spy upon. I bet there’s no metion of Google HQ as a possible site, hehe…