US Trade Representative releases new 'Notorious Markets' piracy list



US Trade Representative releases new ‘Notorious Markets’ piracy list.

[newsimage][/newsimage]This week the office of the U.S. Trade Representative published an updated report outlining the most controversial websites currently operating around the world. The "Notorious Markets" list isn't designed to explicitly point out law-breaking or assert the government's stance in other countries, clarified the USTR, but if a site is on it, it's been previously investigated for copyright infringement.

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Really where is is CHINA in all this report notice how a BIG country CHINA is but there is no Mention of CHINA??? What would you think the biggest market for counterfeit and copyright protection isn’t on the list as well?? The MPIAA is a joke…they couldn’t even go after CHINA and they claim to be working for the people yea the People of CHINA republic that is. China would make the MPIAA bend over and scream who’s your MAN…


So now they support me even better by making a list where to find people and products that care more about the customer than the stupid US laws? Thanks!