US terror attack linked with computer games

I just posted the article US terror attack linked with computer games.

The Amazing Duke used our newssubmit to tell us:

The first inevitable news reports linking the terrorist attacks to computer games have emerged, with Britain’s Sky News suggesting this afternoon…

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LOL!! Ok Britain is thousands of miles away. They do not know the facts like the USA does. No media in the USA has reported this. I hate any media that starts rumors just to get thier paper or ratings on thier show. it is already confirmed that 2 of the hijackers were trained in a flight school out of Ft Lauderdeale by an american last yr. here is the link dailynews. ts/attack_florida_searches_dc.html

I’m ashamed to be British! Yet again, the British press is coming up with more Bullshit again. I for one, do not believe in what they said, and wish they’d get the f**ing facts right before coming out with more bullshit.

Thats bullshit if you play flight sims you cant take off a plane i think. Flying a virtual plane and a real one i 2 different thing.

Britan sucks

See proven again that it’s M$ fault. :4 Damn them and their flight sims. Hehehehehe

When are the american starting to bomb microsoft headquaters… heheheheheh… :slight_smile:

This is stupid. What wil be next?? That in fact the terrorists are M$ employes that wanted to promote M$ Flight Simulator 747. Or maybe the new promotion of Counterstrike 1.3. I am a gamer but that doesn’t mean I gonna fly with planes in towers.

It’s also been reported that the FBI raided a flightschool this morning (thursday 13th) which is owned by a dutch guy. On the dutch television he said that he had learned them how to fly certain airplanes about a year ago… Not surprising that some of the press wants to attack computer games again…

Stop the distribuition of flight simulators, or else any other USA building will be attacked by someone who just played flight simulator. :4 LOL F**k the media… That attack put lots of money in media pockets, and they want more.

I suggest blaming Boeing for making the aircrafts… :+

I’m a champion in GP3. Probably I’ll beat Shumy at Monza next week.

what about MOVIES??? watch a movies filmed 20/30 years ago. and then watch a movie now 2001 (huge increase of violence)and then also look at the increase of violence in real life 20 years ago and now.!!! nothing left to say… :r

i am sick of people drawing conclusions about shit they really have no idea about! it gives me the shits. Why don;t they go and find they guys who did it and ask them why, don;t just start blaming the innocet (microsoft???) gaming companies.

Im surprised they havent blamed Tom Clancy yet. His book Executive Orders featured terrorism similar to this.

MSNBC also had an article similiar to this one stating that a pilot could use MS Flight Sim to gain experience flying a Boeing airplane and gain familiarity of terrain. Terrorists can also read maps and gain familiarity with terrain or even use MSN TerraServer or any other program/online site that shows arial maps to do the same - so what is the fucking point with these stupid articles then?!