US Senator aims to kill Win XP launch



I just posted the article US Senator aims to kill Win XP launch.

It would be realy strange if this senator can hold back the release of Windows Xp but never say never…

US Senator Charles Schumer (Democrat, New York) called a press conference on Capitol…

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If there ever was a reason for killing the Windows XP-launch, it would definitely be the WPA-crap… :frowning:


He is being solicited by AOL/Time Warner cause they see MSN as a threat. I do agree wiht them though that Xp has too much new all M$ crap in there. my photo - ms scanning - ms this and that… just gimme an OS not all this other crap that is supposed to add value to your shitty 200.00 OS


It’s called Linux. If you don’t like XP, don’t buy it.


Linux is not a proper alterantive though, is it stupid! I quite agree though , it isn’t fair that M£ can just monopolise any market simultaneously. It should be forced to sell its products separately. :frowning:


Hmmm, I suppose its all down to the definition of an OS (which really should’nt have apps). For the ‘average’ puter use this is all good stuff as it means they dont have to go buy 3rd party stuff. For ‘our kind’ it done mean shit since we just install the best of each app anyhow … MS Photo, or ACDsee? Hmm, let me think.