US Senate overwhelmingly approved the Pirate Act

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 The US Senate has overwhelmingly approved the controversial Piracy Act that would  allow federal prosecutors to file civil lawsuits against consumers suspected of  copyright infringement. ...
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How can you file a lawsuit against someone for damages to someone else? In this case, I’m gonna file against Winona Ryder for shoplifting. Not my store, but I’m gonna try to get some money out of her all the same! If this isn’t unconstitutional, what is the point of your esteemed constitution, America?

Everyday we as AMericans are making our own cages of death, passing these nonsense laws that restrict our freedom, and also as a side effect create loopholes that will penalize our civil liberties… :r We became our own slaves… I pray to god one of these HIGH ranked officials kids gets busted for file sharing, but then again they probably have a “Get outta Free Card” somewhere, in their fat wallets.

There is no constitution. The american constitution today is like a condom, makes you feel safe while your getting fucked… I am no authority on american history or politics but I am practical. What worries me is the fallout, America farts and everyone else gets the stink… :X

do you really think that they will have the manpower to go after ppl? they cant even find bin laden. I think this is more of a way to get the riaa off their back and maybe crack down on the bigger infringers. if you think of the number of ppl in America that have internet access and the percentage that have shared music the courts would be back logged until my kids had grandchildren and I have no kids as of yet

Laws like this are certainly bad for everyone, but our own lack of self-control has brought this one on ourselves. If people would act responsibly and obey copyright law, then laws like this would never come about. In a way, this is a little like gun legislation: if people didn’t kill people using guns, then the current crop of restrictive guns laws would never have been written. The same is true of this issue, if peer-to-peer networks were not used to illegally share copyrighted material, the laws like this would never have been written. The moral of all of this is to act within the law and recognize the rights of others (whether you agree with those rights or not).

The problem being, recognizing a bad law and reacting against it. Just because a law exists does not make it just or moral. What has to be taken into account is wither the said law exists to protect the majority or a minority who at that time have the economic clout to bring it about. I seem to remember that the ownership of slaves was at one time legal in America resulting in a Civil War to bring about its abolition! Instead of passing harsh and draconian laws in an attempt to hold back the tide the RIAA etc. should take their heads out of their arse, do some forward thinking and think about the reasons so many people download, it may be stealing but Politicians and big business steal form me every day when they take their lerks and perks not available to us common folk!

Copyrights last too long and give too much power to corporations, stifling competition and innovations. Fair use items like the VCR have made more money for the movie studios then the box office does. A corporation can pollute a water supply, cause millions to get sick and or thousands to die and have to pay a small fine, where an evil music downloader is charged $ 10k a track? The moral is keep sticking it to the corporations, and remember there are over 200 million of us in the US and they can’t/won’t come after us all. Just like everything else has got cheap over the years it’s time for Music to get cheaper too. Bogus laws like this get put on the books because lawmakers are bought and paid for before the first day in office, honest people never want to be lawmakers so we are stuck with the people who want the power. I ask all of you to make sure everyone you know is downloading music and not paying for it. If you are paying for it you are supporting a corrupt system that has been ripping artists and customers off for a long time.

the stench of your farts is far far worse :X

Our esteemed constitution is being forgotten, undermined, and spit on. I’m disgusted at the lawmakers in my country.

Sherrif, I think you’re absolutely correct. Once it hits the fan here, every other country gets hit.

p_motch, you took the words right out of my mind!.. Disgusted… theres no other way to put it.

Well, if you didn’t think money makes the world go round or that US polititians are nothing more than corporate figureheads, this ought to drive the point home. But, don’t give up! Let’s keep fighting- p_motch- we still live in a country where we can voice our opinions and not get our hands chopped off. Don’t get too depressed. Like Yogi Berra says: “It ain’t over until it’s over” Laws can be changed thru consumer backlash.
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Well said.

Keep 'em lawsuits coming boys…but you won’t sell one more album, one more CD single or one paid for more download…

I think the best effort we can produce to “keep fighting”, as Crabbyappleton put it, is to ensure that people and the population is informed. If everyone in the nation knew of the implications this had to their lives they would object and raise hell about it. But issues like this aren’t on the forefront; things like terrorism, jobs, and the like take center stage while legislation like the PIRATE act slip under the table. Let’s not let it slip secretly under the table! Organizations like the EFF and others are doing their very best to bring these efforts to the attention of lawmakers and other figures. Even everyone of us individually can make a difference. It can simply start by informing your family and close friends. I’ve went as far as to posting flyers all over my campus of 42,000. I’d say informing students is extremely effective, because their the ones who’ll be growing up and fighting this. It may all sounds rediculous, like I’m trying to stir a revolution or something, but I don’t think it goes without some kind of change taking place. These are out rights, and we should fight for them!


Don’t get mad get even… Identify all the Senators who voted for this bill tell your parent, friends, co-workers, relatives not to vote them. Get involved with the new candiates even if it is only one hour of your time. Register to vote then vote for a new Canidate… if the people don’t speak those scumb bags will not listen.

For oldtimertwo…lets maintain your perspective…if the production of syringes was outlawed there would be no junkies, if alcohol was outlawed there would be no drunken drivers, if the study of bacteria was outlawed there would be no biological threat, if the study of atomic particles were outlawed there would be no nuclear threat. There would also be no hygenic, inexpensive way to deliver antibiotic and antibacterial medicines because there wouldn’t be any…I could go on , but the point I’m trying to make is, we give our lawmakers the power to enact laws that empower and protect us. In doing so we also expect these laws are carefully implemented so as not to come back and bite us on the arse. Having said that, you will agree that some laws are ill conceived and irresponsibly enacted. Laws paid for by the few to enhance gain by the few are not laws of the people. If by breaking these laws they are bought to light to be repealed, then so be it…just out of curiosity, as you seem very legally minded, how many states in the US still have legislation that outlaws witchcraft and the beating of slaves on the sabbath… :X

sorti knows a truth as well- VCR has been a money maker for the studios. How long until these morons just give up and go with the flow of progress?