US sees first time growth in CD album sales in four years

I just posted the article US sees first time growth in CD album sales in four years.

      Despite the RIAA's claims it still looks like CD sales is back to being  proportional to P2P music downloads with Album sales, digital music sales and even P2P  usage all on the rise. ...
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Let’s not forget the basic fact that every year more teenagers get jobs and join the music buying revolution. CD sales are always going to “go up”, even if the average person buys less albums than they did 4 years ago. In fact the only usefull stat (which cannot easily be obtained) is to calculate how many records per person is being purchased, only then can you see if P2P increase or decreases CD sales. Finally I wouldn’t be surprised if the DVD fad bubble is about to burst and people than went from heavy CD purchases to heavy DVD purchases, well soon go back to CDs (maybe it’s only me. I figure after your DVD collection breaks the 100 mark, the appeal to buy movies decreases.

well this is the riaa we are talking about here … I dont believe these stats. :d

Nah if you think aobu tit…this is such a falsehood. They have just come off of record sales years for selling the same crap to people. Imagine what would happen if we actully had TALENTED artists selling things. I bet they sould have the chance ot catch up to the movie industry in profits. Then watch the lawsuits fly! All #;s produced by the **AA are fudged no matter what. I will always take their reports with a grain of salt, and wait for an independant third party to tell us what’s up.

Oh??..has somebody released some music with words and instruments and stuff like that ???..:X

usher and 50 cent ‘Get rich or die tryin’…What a crock of shit!

Great to see teens prefer to buy their music in stead of downloading from kazza or edonkey.

LOL @ 65 this year i now can see why young folk are brain dead u got no stand up for yourselfs any more and what sickens me is you young uns are makin them stinkin rich