US reveals anti-piracy proposals

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Attorney general John
Ashcroft has proposed new ways in which to crack down on film and music piracy
around the world. A new report commissioned of his behalf calls for 5 new anti

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:frowning: Even though I’m an American (last time I checked!); I think (yet again) that Ashcroft is acting very arrogrant! So…now HE is acting and deciding how the entire world should react! Very Nice. For those who don’t know, I have read that (assuming mr Bush is again elected, that Ashcroft will NOT be part of the administration. This is “good”…but frabkly, I prefer the alternative…that is a world where mr. Bush goes back to Texas…never to be heard of again! I know, I’m ranting and this is off-tppic for CD-Freaks…still, I have lots of friends in Europe & Asia…I know their opinions…and none will lose any tears if Bush loses.

Get those terroists…erm…I mean…college kids…erm…pirates! Yes, that’s it - Pirates! Ooh-aargh, shiver me timbers!

This always pisses me off… Why does it always have to be about big business and never about the small guy… For instance: The music and film industry loses around $ 250 billion (£140 billion) from piracy each year. Please tell me why 25o billion dollars should be given to these leeches… Seems they arent doing too bad for themselves even with that ridiculous amount loss of revenue… :r
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250 billion dollars??? Does he really think people would actually be willing to pay for all the music they downloaded? We’re talking fractions here! I really think it’s time you guys get a less corrupt guvernment over there, cause from my view it looks like they’re doing whatever the corporations say and stepping on everyone else. “…forced to reveal names of people trading copyrighted items online.” Jesus!

Isn’t it wonderful that our (US citizens’) tax dollars are spent to protect billionaire corporations’ copyrights, when the rest of us have to pay our own way in CIVIL courts? I’m sure none of the schools or universities would rather have that money… :r

This is not just a problem in the U.S. people! The same thing is happening here in Europe, they are just going about it more quietly and it doesn’t make the news as often. The problem, as I see it, is that governments in most of the civilized world have forgotten what their primary intended purpose is: To take care of it’s own citizens. Period. Big business and the like should come second. In too many cases, the people have little to no power left. Sure, they can pick their state reps and mayors and supposedly even presidents and such but this is no real say. Once they are in office, they can do as they will in most cases and it is difficult to impossible to even keep up with the legislation they vote on, etc. Some countries are a bit better about this I’m sure but, for the most part, we are all slaves to the system. Funny enough, 2 quotes from the Matrix films come to mind, both from the Oracle. “He wants what all men with power want, more power.” “As long as people think they have a choice, they are happy.” I may be a bit off on the wording of the quotes but that’s the gist of it.

Ashcroft and his version of the american inquisition…there is a new age on the horizon, a new dark age…Absolute power corrupts absolutely…:X

You have to love the fact that once again the only people in the US that have power are the RICK. The original moto was not “life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness>” It was actually “Life Liberty, and the pursuit of money.” The US is such a great country to live in! and this just proves it. Yeah I so want to live in a country where my own government knows the people are morons and don’t even trust them enough to vote for their own president. Hence the elctorial college. Makes me damn glad I’m a Canuck. Sure we got winter and Celin Dion, but at least we don’t believe in forcing our obnoxious opinion on the rest of the world. We just give em the best beer :d

yep, great place to live the US. A moron for a president who can’t string a sentence together, lies and laws which inhibit there own peoples freedoms and try (and do) impose there will politicaly and economicaly around the globe. Wonder why people get so pissed with the US? hard to figure isn’t it:d

Please dont talk about a man who was once such an innocent feces, sorry, I mean fetus, in such a bad way. Its not his fault his brain never developed past the point where he was just a feces. LONG LIVE THE FECES!! Long live bush!!! (ps. - bush - get out of president - you belong in a red neck farm not running a country)

Who cares. You dont have to P2P. You can copy your friends CD’s and DVD’s. Buy used CD’s and DVD’s and copy them. Go rent DVD’s and copy them. Have a grand ole time. :S