US movie industry working on law proposals against P2P software

I just posted the article US movie industry working on law proposals against P2P software.

The German publisher Heise reports about plans to
create a law that forces publishers of P2P software to warn their users because
they might cause damage to themselves and to others…

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This is getting rediculous. What’s next, is the freakin mpaa, riaa, fbi…etc going to tell us what we can wear and not wear and when we can even wear it :r Give me a break!!!
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I’m glad I live in Germany - not in the US. But things are getting worse here either.

just hate how people are looking for someone else to blame but themself. give another reason and law to blame someone else for your own troubles.

Profit, Profit,Profit,Greed,Greed,Greed. The simple solution…sell the product cheep enough that it makes copying it not worthwhile! Pirates proliferate because of conglomerate GREED!!!.

Sorry sir, you can’t borrow your friends shirt because it contains a copyrighted logo you are not entitled to. If you wish to wear this shirt you can purchase one at our website.

“US movie industry working on law” - a classic oxymoron!..:B

lol chsbiking, it is like saying sorry guys but you cant listen to this cd that i just bought in my car because i bought the copyrights to this cd and you did not lmao. So you cant listen to it :r