US legal music downloads up 187%, but CD sales have fallen



I just posted the article US legal music downloads up 187%, but CD sales have fallen.

 In the first  half of 2005, sales of CD albums fell about 8.5% from 301.2 million during the  first half of 2004 to 282.6 million units this year.  On the other hand,  legal music downloads...
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Let’s understand this - the music industry has helped introduce new ways to rent/buy music over the internet. They have expended a fair amount of resources copy protecting cd’s and suing their customers who they accuse of downloading music via P2P networks. Purchases of downloaded music has increased. CD sales continue to decrease. Do they think folks who pay to download music will still run out and buy the cd afterwards? It sounds like copy protection measures of cd’s is having no positive effect on sales (maybe even a negative one) - and many folks are taking advantage of downloading music instead of buying cd’s. But, it also appears that attacking the music industry’s customers, and reducing casual copying of cd’s via copy protection or casual dowloading via P2P networks does not result in increased sales. One might conclude that much of what people copy or download when it is free, is not music anyone would actually buy otherwise. I’ve always believed that the “lost sales due to copying or illegal downloads” numbers thrown around by the RIAA were grossly inflated and unrealistic, as the RIAA assumes anything anyone got for free would have been purchased otherwise - which is complete nonsense.


Let’s see Audience attendence at movies has decreased. Now, the movie industry can state it’s illegal downloads but they know better, it’s because a lot of what’s being released sucks. I think the same is true for CD’s. If the execs released better and more interesting music maybe people would buy / legally download more cd’s.


Hey, my job fired me, that’s a 100% loss in profits. Who do I sue? They are crying wolf… let them cry.