US Government Targets Pirate Website Revenues

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File sharing website revenue streams targeted by US Government

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everyone, including US law enforcement and entertainment industries know exactly what has to be done to combat ‘file sharing’ (i refuse to use a term that insults those who were ‘pirates’ in years gone by, just because it suits this bunch of wankers!). instead of continuously wasting money, which is being provided, i am sure, by the government, so as to allow the other tasks, like spying on everyone, using the new laws etc that are introduced, supposedly, to allow the industries to see who is downloading their stuff, come into play at the same time, why not listen to those who actually do know what they are talking about? it can only basically be because the ‘extra tasks’ are more important than what is supposed to be ‘the main task’. no industry is going to continue to throw millions of dollars into a scheme that hasn’t worked in years and will not work in the next however many years unless their is an ulterior motive! if there was any significant loss of revenue, the practices to stop sharing would have stopped through lack of funding. it hasn’t been so why not use sense and do what the real experts say and get customers back on board? competing is the only way of achieving success, but that is what the industries do worst!

Kev, watch out there! Too many brains (as your post displays) might get you listed!!! Watch out!!

In the early '80s, Big Oil received a Forever Tax Break worth tens of billions so they could start building new refineries in the USA. Know how many have been built since then? ZERO. The Americans should demand every penny of that back from those companies that promised to build and then refused to, padding their profits from an “entitlement” handed over by that president and every Congress since then.

Or what about tobacco subsidies? Could the US afford to put two states’ farmers into a re-growth path and forego their large foreign profits? Cancer Research gets kajillions and it’s paid off - uh - how?!! Cancer Research is so incredibly profitable that even States are setting up their own money-centers called ‘research labs’.

And for all the doom & gloom that the Health Care lies about, why is hospital building spending higher and higher every year? NO ONE would spend money on new hospitals if they weren’t huge profit centers, too. Does anyone live in a city without a massive new hospital being built?

Kev, I’m listing these are brief examples that are either rebuttals to your thesis or actually quite supportive of those facts. But “lies and deflections” are seemingly omnipresent, so those ulterior motives - always with lotsa dollar signs - remain cloaked, according to those wishful thinking liars.

(I admit that I have personal benefits from Farm Subsidies, by the way, but their original goal was to stabilize a farm’s value over time, regardless of market and climate forces. Of course, we’ve seen those noble goals perverted by greed - “Let’s make farms fail so Big Ag can buy them for a song and redirect taxpayer incomes into monopoly pockets.”)

You know, for all the money the claim to be loosing from piracy, I’d say they’re probably loosing more from all the DRM research they insist on using. If they had the brains to stop, they’d be able to put a smaller price tag on movies, AND have less piracy!

As for the US Government’s plan, I’ll bet the only reason the MPAA is opposed to this plan is because they’d rather steel (excuse me… “confiscate”) the money themselves.

However, the fact remains that the MPAA is correct, for once. Realistically, this won’t make any more of a difference than the latest and greatest DRM technologies.

Drop prices to a realistic level,so that everyone is able to pay for it…
Provide extra content to paying customers…
Instead of draconian drm pushing through the throats of loyal buyers,give them the opportunity to create a proper backup of their collections.
I still find it unbelievable that after all those years,people don’t OWN the software or multimedia stuff they bought…:Z
If I buy a car,it’s mine,if I buy a microwave oven,it’s also mine…if I buy M$ Office,I’m granted to use it…:eek:
Too many of our politicians are “bought” by the corporations to give us fair rights…:cool:

off-topic Outside of the usa, hospitals/schools are built/upgraded on a needs basis, rather than a corporate feasibility study (profit forecast).
It’s not necessarily the most efficient system, and realistically losses money, but everyone gets educated, and gets patched up when they require it. Education reduces overall medical costs, because people are now smarter, and there is less incidence of “embarrassingly stupid” injuries/deaths. Their is a large societal benefit that access to medical treatment & education provide that a corporate feasibility study (profit forecast) cannot quantify, and therefore does not include, under assumption that the shareholders and bean counters give a damn anyway.
end off-topic

Perhaps the MPAA just recognize it for the value that it will be, and the publicity won’t be good, and there will be innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire, and the publicity will be worse, and most pirates are un-affluent citizens rather than a few puffed up gold teeth’d Hardcore criminals.

Leave Pirates alone they have enough problems keeping the ship turned into the wind.