US: gmail opened to the public :)

Google Opens Gmail Service to Public

When Google unveiled its instant messaging client yesterday, there was only one problem: Google Talk requires a Gmail account, which has been invitation-only since its beta debut in 2004. This changed on Thursday, however, as Google opened Gmail to anyone in the United States with a mobile phone.

The mobile phone requirement was designed to prevent Gmail accounts from being created by robots and stop spammers from signing up multiple times. Google will send an invitation code via SMS, which can then be used to register with Gmail. Only one account may be created per phone number.

source Betanews

All you need now is a mobile phone and you have to live in the US.

I hope Google will start it in other countries following this soon. :slight_smile:

btw, if someone has a invitation available, feel free to send me a pm :wink:

not longer required


now its free :), but if some1 got problem and need invite i can send :stuck_out_tongue:

Let the madness begin!