US -- Fujifilm DVD+R 4x on Sale at Best Buy

Brand as listed on label: Fujifilm
Info read from Disc (using KProbe) from package that I purchased:
Disc Type = DVD+R
Manufacturer = Ricoh Company Limited

How Much?
$114.99 for spindle of 100 before rebate; plus there’s a $15 rebate on them right now (not sure how long the rebate lasts).

Best Buy in the US.
Here’s the URL:

I bought mine at my local (brick and mortar) Best Buy.
I think they actually have the Fujifilm DVD-Rs on sale at the same price.


can these burn at 6x? or 8x? or just 4?

Well that depends on your burner.

lite on 851s and nec 2500a both 8x burners

just wanted to say it burns well at 6x on my nec, and only 4x on liteon. i am not using cracked firmware.