US firm solves Blu-ray disc production problems & lowers price

I just posted the article US firm solves Blu-ray disc production problems & lowers price.

 The  Independent US  high-definition company, Blue Ray Technologies announced that it has solved  Blu-ray disc production issues, which is currently causing a headache for overseas ...
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RFID + high failure rate + one more license fee to pay==>more expensive don’t they know that the best way to fight the piracy is to lower the price. they are going it in china, but why aren’t they doing at rest of world? if they keeping !@#$ing us with RFID & other tracking technology, it will only extend the life span of DVD

With the DVD+R DL still very expensive after more than 2 years in availability I wonder how they expect to go out with BD products with a decent price or just to low the price in a couple of years… All BD products will remain very expensive for at last 2 years so we better stuck with DVD-R or DVD+R DL for a while trying to put DRM and AACS free HD movies on DVD+R DL… :X

“It also aims to tackle the issue of international manufacturers that create pirate discs during the night.” Eh? So… they put this RFID-tag in produced discs… Then what? Discs sit in their little shipping crates, secretly listening in to whats going on in the factory? I’ve seen MacGyver do more credible things than that. A 75% reject rate? Well no wonder it’s not launch time yet!

Not that rfid tags are a bad idea to stop shop lifting their range at the size needed is very short and a pocked size device with a small amount of broad span energy would zap their little brains out without hurting the disc. Ever take one of those things apart? Their all antenna. Where they get the power to work. The real small chips can take much abuse. Least you can walk around with your new copy without anybody knowing it. So im netural on rfid. License fees to a foreigion country would be a toot. Sort of what they have been doing to us in reverse. Price is to high they won’t sell, simple cold hard fact.

All this relates to a kind of discs we will not use - meant for pressing plants and movie studios. It will after normal people only if they buy the commercial edition of movies. By the time they produce discs you can record your data on, it will be a different story and price will result from several factors, not just production costs… And disc price will be ust on factor driving the decision to use the format: drive prices, O/S support (besides Nero’s announcement) and if you will also be forced to buy new hardware for your own home videos…nobody did clarify it yet!!!

recordable disks are even harder to produce & the pressed disks production basic techniques are related to the recordable disks. when the easiest one to make has 75% rejection rate (20% with their claim), think about how much it will cost for recordable. there are many complications for bd to be accepted as the standard.

Blu-ray is dead in the water with problems like these, when added on to all the other headaches of the format. Game Over, time to move on to HD-DVD.:g