US economy kills LCD vendors

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An uncertain economic future in the United States may affect some players in the flat-panel TV market. One of the LCD vendors that faces an uncertain financial future is Syntax-Brillian, which…

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Yep, $3.50 for a gallon of gasoline will do that to ya… Although there will be some pick-up next year if things get better… and gas prices go down around $2.50 and HOLD without any long-term (4 weeks or longer) spikes to the moon.

$3.50 is cheap, Petrol in GB is approx £4.83 per gallon which at the current exchange rates = $9.80 per gallon :c

UK imperial gallon (4.54 litres) is larger than the US gallon (3.79 litres)

Oil costs the same in the US and UK. The only reason your gas costs so much more is higher taxes. Hope you are getting your money’s worth.

I second that. All over Europe the gas cost so much more because higher government and local taxes, but they all buy it for about the same $110/barrel as the US. UK TAX: “…the combined tax at 65.24p/litre, or approximately USD $5.00 per gallon. (Thus without tax, the retail price would be 34.76p per litre, making a combined tax rate of 188%…” US TAX: Together Federal and State excise taxes on fuel account for an average cost of approximately (ranges from state to state) 62 cents per gallon for California and 27 cents per gallon for Alaska. Out of the now $3.50 a gallon, which is interestingly enough about the same average price for California and Alaska. (1 us gallon = 3.785liter) But driving distances differ. On West coast of US. for example… having no real option for public transportation, and spread out city planning, you must drive… and far usually.
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Well, I guess the MILLIONS of LCD’s are either: A. Just not going to be made B. Will sit in warehouses and ROT I’m guessing more of option A, because the economics of the future have energy as the key factor in consumer’s calculus to make expensive purchases such as an LCD tv… which is not a necessity, right now… Between 2009 & 2012… analog signals die… so there will be some small up-tick in LCD purchases… but I wouldn’t hold my breath for them if world economies don’t work real hard to kick this oil habit… I’m rooting for HYDROGEN vehicles…! The oil companies are breaking the back of world economies and we shouldn’t have to take it any longer! It’s time to build hydrogen infrastructure and put oil on the defensive again… back to $30 a barrel buddy, or everyone starts building hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that run on… essentially WATER… (but the process will be made so complicated that you’ll be forced to fuel up at a fuel station)… so Europe can add VAT! :slight_smile: