When I play a US DVD on my UK player, I get picture but no sound. Any suggestions? It plays fine on my mac.

Perhaps you are trying to play an audio track in a format not supported by your DVD player like e.g. DTS?

In that case use either your remote to directly select another audio track in a supported format (e.g. AC3) or go into the menu on the DVD and choose another audio track - typically in a setup or languages menu.

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I think this is a region code problem: US is Region 1, and the UK is Region 2

To deal with this, you may need a software solution such as AnyDvd and CloneDvd2 from (free trial is possible), or DvdShrink from

The alternative is to search for hacks for your particular DVD player. Many manufacturers have openly provided this information as there have neen serious questions raised about misuse of coding by distribution companies.

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