US Copyright Group preparing new wave of P2P lawsuits

US Copyright Group preparing new wave of P2P lawsuits.

[newsimage][/newsimage]After Judge Rosemary Collyer dropped thousands of lawsuits against John Doe defendants accused of illegally sharing the film Far Cry because the District Court of Washington DC did not have jurisdiction, it appeared that the US Copyright Group (USCG) had given up on the mass lawsuits. However, an exclusive report this week from The Hollywood Reporter (THR) indicates that the USCG has retained a new client and is preparing to file a whole new wave of mass copyright infringement lawsuits.

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Thanks to my proxy i live in Belgium.

I would be curious to know how many counterfeit DVD sellers have been sued compared to the number of individuals sued for P2P in the US.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some counterfeit DVD street sellers are now thinking “I’m sure glad I stopped using P2P.”

[QUOTE=Seán;2567789]I would be curious to know how many counterfeit DVD sellers have been sued compared to the number of individuals sued for P2P in the US.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some counterfeit DVD street sellers are now thinking “I’m sure glad I stopped using P2P.”[/QUOTE]

Funny don’t you think China the mother of all counterfeit isn’t being taken into court?? They are hypocrites they let the big China get away with counterfeit but go after the small one thinking they will make big money…what a bunch of pansies…They talk like they got balls but when you mention China their balls melt away…

"According to THR, attorney Thomas Dunlap of the USCG has stated that his firm has signed a deal with Nu Image films and is preparing a lawsuit targeting thousands of BitTorrent users who have allegedly shared the film The Expendables."
So what does this company do, troll p2p sites, then go out and pitch to movie and music companies, “look at all these people stealing from you, we’ll sue them for a fee.” It seems they are using illegal tactics, the way I read it, they are helping facilitate fraud. They could download said materials and retag it with a warning, but then people might stop downloading it and where would the money machine be? If the company had just hired them, then how would they have thousands of users? I’ve seen it on the pirate, which copy are they targeting, the hi def, the 700 mb avi…

How long will it take for Them to harass enough people, Collect enough settlements and us to all watch as the US economy crash harder then it ever did before. WU has like 180 videos. And every 10,000 people that settle is $20,000,000. It is safe to say it probably will hit over 1million people before its finish. And that would be devastating. Over 2 billion dollars that will not be flowing though business and a ton less jobs.

It is time to act. These rich film producers are worst then terrorist now days. You remember with the stockmarket almost killed the economy because of the greddy people. Here it comes again but in the form of hollywood. These suits are out of controller. USCG already made there points. It at the point people who do not even download stuff is getting upset. On top of that the greedy people made huge profit on there bad video. Guess what they do not attempt to remove those films from those sites. And claiming its healthy revenue stream. There is said to already be online fourms that are getting people to boycott films altogether for next few years. Strictly rent only Even the innocent film producers are going get hit by that. But its all good that be blamed on Piracy as well.

Btw if Piracy is so bad and taking your imaginary money. Then how did the Avartar which was said to be #1 Pirated film make 2.8 billion. It simple its because they steped up to the plate and the rest of you are making 3rd rate movies at best. Btw The Social Network basically made quadruple what it spent and it was not even releashed yet. Thats living evidence. O and Resident evil after life quadrupled as well i believe.

Message to Holly Wood.
Here is how to wipe out Piracy probably about 75% And save cash doing so.

                            (How? Its Called Prevention My Friends)
  1. Contact makers of the main Web Browsers. Ask them to add a warning message similar to the one the pops up on Dangerous sites. Saying something like (This site is known to have Illegal content. If you download Illegal stuff you can be fined up to $150,000) Which means people can not say they accidently downloaded it anymore.

  2. (Possible talk the government into making a pod cast that the teachers can show all the kids in 4th grade up. Talking about how it is Illegal to download stuff. That you can get fined $150,000 and possibly go to prison) The main issue is most people figure if it on the internet and has no $ next to it that its free and legal. Not many people are educated enough about what can happen. Most people believe if you own something on disc you can download a backup as well. Which is wrong because they still get sued.

  3. Instead of spending on law suits Develop a new Parental control program. Similar to the ones that block sites by ratings. But make a free one that will block people from being able to access Illegal Sites. Then advertise the Download link for it On Tv, Radio, Youtube and possibly Newspaper. Possibly have teachers hand a paper about internet safety to kids having the link for such a program. So the kids can give it to there parents and they can learn to.

               (Stuff We The Consumers Want From Film Producers)
  4. Invest in (Innovation) We the people want Innovation. We the people want Redeem codes in our Dvd Cases because accidents happen. We The People Want you to invest in File sharing. But you will only be able to download what you have a redeem code for. We the people want Interactive quizzes and possibly games on your site to advertise your movie to us and a clip where the main actors talk about the most enjoyable part of the video will be a bonus. Might as well add wallpapers of the movie for our computers. We the people want the producers to add a online purchase and download option to there sites. And a Rent and Stream Option.