US Copyright Group: Motions to quash are a "money-making scheme"

US Copyright Group: Motions to quash are a “money-making scheme”.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Many of the people I speak with about the tactics that organizations like the US Copyright Group (USCG) use to get settlements from people accused of illegal file-sharing equate to something similar to extortion. It’s not surprising to find out that representatives for the USCG have an entirely different view.

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‘his (Mr Syfert) form motions are a money-making scheme’

and what USCG is doing isn’t a ‘money making scheme’? gimme a break! at least what Syfert is doing seems to be a legal, legitimate scheme, which is more than can be said for USCG. strange how one side of the fence (entertainment industries/copyright industries and their douchebag lawyers) cant put up with anyone standing up for themselves or being helped to stand up for themselves. what would they do/are doing if/when they are accused of what they are doing? as usual, they want one set of rules for them and different rules (roll over, play dead and pay up, even though innocent!) for people!!

I second that, the US Copyright Group is one big “money making scheme”. What a bunch of hypocrites.

I’d love to be sitting on the jury when these BS artists come to town *laughs