US Copyright Group files dismissal opposition in court

US Copyright Group files dismissal opposition in court.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In September, lawyers for some of the 14,000 John Doe defendants currently facing charges of illegal file-sharing filed a motion to quash the cases due to issues of jurisdiction. This week, the US Copyright Group has finally filed their argument of opposition to that motion. 

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Lawyers-money-sleazy tricks and unbelievable word games. All because Microsoft “lobbied” (to the estimated tune of 12 million dollars US) back in 1999-2000 to force the Millennium Digital Rights Act through Congress.
I can only guess at the millions and billions of dollars that have filled lawyers’ coffers as they pursue anyone and anything that will bring in a dollar or two(thousand). If only the movie and record “industries” put out a reasonable system to allow copyright fair use and not hire the legions of lawyers to the greed mill, none of this would be necessary.
But then, greed wouldn’t be any “fun” would it? Disgusting.