US cinema suffers from falling attendance & revenue in 2005



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  As consumers fork out on larger TV sets,  surround sound systems and more DVD rentals, some are becoming more happy to stay in to  watch a movie than to go out to the cinema. ...
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Maybe if they’d stop releasing crap then attendance might be better. :r


Lets see, $2.50 to rent a new release VS $60.00 for my family of four to go out to the theater. We stay home pop corn pop a few beers and enjoy our privacy.:stuck_out_tongue:


The theaters need to realize that they are competing with the home now. They need to lower prices or increase the quality. That’s the way the market works. They had a monopoly on the theater experience before, but they don’t do shit to upgrade and make it better, and as such they’re being left in the dust by the home. Welcome to the free market theater bitches!


I think to speak for all: - Once again, turn down the prices. Than maybe i go cinema…


What you need to understand is that the theatre makes very little off of the film. The longer a film plays, the more of a percentage they get. 10% to start. The remining amount goes to the film companies and those rich whiny ass actors who demand $20 mil per picture plus revenue sharing. They make just enough off of the film to pay overheard. All their profit stems from concession sales. And most of all, the quality of movies here lately suck. So. Write the studios and ask them to take a cut. See how that goes over. :frowning:


I don’t think this has anything to do with piracy and so on. It is just that people are bored with so many bad movies comming out. It’s only the better ones that do well. So instead people rent the movies, cheaper and they can watch it when they want to. It’s the new technology that is hurting movie and music industry but they where pushing for it from the start. :smiley:


cinemas are TOO EXPENSIVE!!! its like £6 ish to watch a film in uk, you can buy the dvd after 1yr for £7.99 or lower off or for about £11.99 when its first released. cinemas need to charge £3 instead or its just not worth the money, you can only watch it once, you can watch a dvd loads of times. long live movie piracy!!
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I don’t go any more because of the 20 minutes of commercials and traliers, same reason I rip a DVD before watching.


True, and in addition to that, if the release is new you gotta arrive another 20 minutes beforehand to get a good seat in the center. That’s 40 minutes on top of driving and movie itself. The whole experience taks half a day, literally!


I’ve got a HDTV, Sony 5 DVD player, Composite Monster cables, 5.1 64bit surround sound. Why in the world would I want to pay $8.00 per person US, for questionable theater movies? With my family it’s about $32.00 just for entry. Add $6.00 popcorn, $2.00 candy bars, $5.00 sodas and this is one EXPENSIVE time. I save going to the theater for exceptional movies because the movies houses offer nothing that I already don’t have. :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree, the theatre is an expensive outing for a 2 hour movie. It is so not worth the money to go sit in a chair that is not as comfortable as my couch and listen to people in the audience talk and stuff. I would much rather prefer to watch it on my 61 inch HDTV with full surround sound where I can do what I want when I want. And theatres here in Canada do not serve cold beer during a film either :frowning:


More original ideas. Good ones, preferably. Fewer remakes of old movies/TV shows. Then maybe we’ll go to the movies.


It’s 10 bones Canadian to see a movie here, so if my girlfriend and I go, thats 20 bones, the price of a DVD. then the snacks are redicously expensive. 3 or 4 bux for a decent sized pop, same for a popcorn. With TV’d getting bigger and better, I don’t see theatres holding up without downsizing or lowering prices.


The numbers also showed one thing: The increase of movie ticket prices.


Movies suck right now!!! Stop remaking old movies and come out with some originals like Lord of the Rings or something else new…


No kidding. With home theaters as good as they are, movie theaters offer little benefit and far too many downsides. The only real benefit to going to the theater is that the movie is not out on DVD yet.


Theatres are having a hard time for numerous reasons: 1) Competition from home theatre setups 2) Prices are too high 3) Quality of current movies too low 4) On-line piracy I love movies and have about 650 store-bought DVD titles. I also ponied up for a home theatre setup (projector, Yamaha 5.1 receiver, Mission speakers, Monster cable, etc.) and I prefer it to going to the theatre. It’s cheaper in the long run and more convenient. I love doing up a BBQ with friends and then sitting down to a flick in the home theatre. Times are changing and I doubt that the theatres will ever regain their popularity. I believe theatres are still alive for 2 reasons: 1) People still like the “big screen” experience 2) Some just can’t wait to watch it on DVD 3) They’re still a popular destination for taking a girl out on a date I think the theatres’ only salvation is to reduce prices and to make a deal with the film companies to take a profit cut. Just my two cents, of course.
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At the prices they charge, what the hell did they expect?


I’d say 1 - Prices too high, 2 - Quality too low and 3 - Competition from home theatre. I wouldn’t even count piracy, especially limited to online piracy. Rentals are cheap, and with Blockbuster online, I get 4 free instore rentals per month in addition to my online queue. Quality of theatres has degraded in a lot of cases. I regretted seeing Revenge of the Sith in a theatre. Even at matinee, two tickets was almost as much as I eventually paid for the DVD, and I had expected that Lucas wouldn’t let it be shown in a substandard theatre. I was wrong. Sound was mono and distorted, picture was out of focus, film was scratched and skipped several times. And that was the only movie I was even tempted to see last summer. Certainly didn’t encourage me to go back to the theatre.