US cinema staff rewarded to stop piracy

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  DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that cinema  staff in the US are being offered five hundred dollars (£275) to catch people  who record movies with camcorders during cinema...
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Here we go gain with the Billions Dollar Losses Crap! In Australia last week an AFACTS spokes woman claimed they (the industry) were losing Five Billion Plus a year on Ticket Sales! Given the current price of theater tickets that would mean that every person in Australia would have to have had the intention of seeing a move twice a day ! If they could tell the truth maybe people would start taking AFACTS seriously! She even labeled anyone buying the Pirated Movies at markets as Criminals and spoke about jailing them. The Pirates she wants to Jail for Fifty Years! Last week an offender only got three years for Murder! WE know where her values lie! I think she may have seen Escape From New York too many times.!

Wow, $500. Maybe I’ll become a bounty hunter for CAMers. /MLS

Can’t catch a small town theatre owner, all alone at night… This is actually a good idea. I don’t blame them and I hope it helps. I’d do it… $500… hells yeah… Cha Ching

I’d like the know the marginal benefit these efforts will produce. The margins have got to be laughable… or you know… how stupid is this all together… I mean, come on now, if you have a camera in a theater recording its going to be crappy footage, and you must look really dumb doing it. Secondly, on the other side, if I got caught, I would totally resist, and simply walk out the theater and run into the woods (not in my car, license plate, derp) laughing cause I was spotted.

With the length of most movies being 2 hours. It would be safe to say that you wouldn’t be alerted by the pimple faced kid that spotted you. It’d be the cop that nabs you, by surprise (he’s not wanting the camera footage altered)… With the reward being 500 dollars… I am sure the Film Studios will be pulling a lot more back out of said cammers arze… Yeah… They’ll get his computer, and all his disks, tapes, etc etc… At least they are trying. They want to make it “not worth it” for a possible new cammer. while catching and prosecuting the diehard cammers.

The only thing I would suggest is if the problem is costing billions why such a small reward? Shoot, give the kid a break he/she is probably a student trying to make ends meet. Surely, they will be drug into court to testify and all sorts of things. Why not make the reward $ 10,000 or even 20,000? Then, you could stop this illegal activity real quick and at the same time help someone get a good education. 500 bucks I don’t think it is going to work. It’s chicken feed. BTW- AT&T Labs found 77 percent of illegally distributed films were leaked by Hollywood insiders. Ooops! Last year the MPAA pulled the plug on release of screeners to Academy Awards judges because they know that’s what the problem is. So I don’t think camcorders are costing them ‘Billions’. Screeners have a better product too. I hear cough
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Or kid could use some common sense and not take a cam in. Someone that stupid deserves to be caught.

Become a lacky for the MPAA, not much reward is it $500, not worth even getting out of bed for. Given the fines that the courts could levy it seems to me the only gainer is the MPAA, leaving the spotty cinema twat with enough money to buy a second hand moped, when he really fancied that brand new gas guzzling SUV… I pledge allegance to the MPAA and RIAA, two organisations under God, with liberty and justice for no human being on the face of the planet…

Well said.

The only real reasons for “losses” are ridiculous ticket prices (a few months after the DVD comes out, I get it used for less than the price of one cinema ticket) and movies that aren’t worth the time to see them for free. I’m not paying $ 8 per ticket to see movies that I usually end up fast forwarding through when I eventually rent or borrow them. Even many of the movies I’ve LIKED recently weren’t worth $ 8 per ticket, plus gasoline and snacks to see in the cinema. (This may be blasphemy, but I’m not sure I’d pay $ 8 per ticket even to see Star Wars on the big screen - maybe the entire original trilogy, but not one chapter
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They had a scheme similar to this in the UK when the harry potter film came out. Oddly enough I came home later that day, did a search and found a version of the film already available on the net. Let’s put it this way: I watched the first screening on the first day of release… where do you think the copy came from? No, it wasn’t digitally filmed in the cinema… In fact, as was stated earlier, most piracy is insider-based. I have seen people with pirated movies, and most of them have the caption ‘This is property of XXX, do not distribute’ along the bottom at set intervals. Like with the Music industry they should stop making such a big song-and-dance about piracy and concentrate their efforts elsewhere. Companies are not losing that much through piracy, many of the people wouldn’t go to the cinema to watch most of the films anyway - we rent far more than we go to see… if we like the movie enough, most of us will buy the original for the better quality and the knowledge that it will last … err… potentially forever.

$ 500 !! well I guess thats inflation for ya. Wasn’t the going price for actions like this 30 pieces of silver… :X

Maybe if it didn’t cost ya $25 to take your GF to a movie and get a popcorn and a coke there wouldn’t be so much piracy. :r