US CDs, DVDs and video games to get FBI warning seal



I just posted the article US CDs, DVDs and video games to get FBI warning seal.

Quakester2000 reports us that CDs,
DVDs and video games in the US are to get an FBI warning seal. The seal will warn consumers that criminal
copyright infringement of the product could land…

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A fine use for our tax dollars…:frowning:


FBI “cyber” division? ooooh that sounds really cool.


Hollywood uber alles. :r


Even though piracy is bad its pointed out that it at least helps drive prices down whatever the companies may say. Piracy is sort of like competition so the companies have ot make the prices are fair to the users by lowering them to a fair enough level that users will still buy it. Just look whats happened to the music industry with online music and price cuts with music cds etc. If there had been no piracy there would have been no price cuts and instead price rises. Piracy is wrong but its also a counter balance for greedy companies.
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I bet that the FBI/and their Families Download Music and Copy ****"e.g. DVD’s & CD’s… What a Crock of ****. What are they going too do. arrest their own families.:+
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Hey, if Prez Bush can do drugs, get arrested, get a DUI, and also manage fool everyone anything is possible in the U.S… Where lawsuits and lawyers flow like water :stuck_out_tongue:


American DVD’s and CD’s just got my seal of “don’t buy the fukkers” disapproval…hey goobers jam ya media where anus hair grows…:X BTW…if LOTR is anything to go by it won’t be long before the motionpicture industry is out of american hands and those manicured pampered ponces will be relegated to doing disney voiceovers…or mebbe Phewessay will invade new zealand…Hmmm
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there are two major things that are more or less neglected whenever piracy is the subject the first one is the most apparent one, an album downloaded/copied is NOT an album not sold, a movie downloaded/copied is NOT a movie not seen in the theater, and a game/program downloaded/copied is NOT a game/program not sold alot more material is circulating due to it’s low or non-existant price, in some cases the circulation of pirated material will increase sales of the original product (however this is a minor effect), but material being circulated does not mean it would have been sold otherwise thus any numbers the RIAA/MPAA/whatever throws around for sales losses and the like are nothing but imaginary, fantasies, taken out of the blue and outright lies to promote their own cause the second is more elusive but also alot more important software piracy (and later on audio/video piracy) is a huge contributing factor to the growth of the computer industry availability of free software at the low cost of a slightly bumped conscience makes computers immensely more tempting and interesting how many would buy a computer for 1.5k knowing they’d have to spend as much on basic software? so the growth of the computer industry is fueled by the non-existant losses of software and media corporations and then they try to blame the whole shebang on you and me? mmm what a warm fuzzy Orwellian feeling it gives you hopefully this has given you a few more substantial arguments in the debate, they got the money but we’ve got the numbers make sure we’re heard


According to the FBI, piracy is now its third biggest priority behind terrorism and counter-intelligence Am I missing something here how about rape? Drugs? Kidnapping? This is a joke they really need to sort there self’s out and get there priorities right. How about leaveing this crap and get some real crime taken down and make our streets a safer place to walk on again for us and our kids. The world is a messed up place if They think this is the third biggest priority


so serial murderers, gangs, and drugs are a lower priority than software pirates now. :r


Not sure if you was responding to me or not, but No serial murderers gangs and drugs are much higher priority, the thing is pirates are not killing anyone by copying DVD’S or CD’S and selling them they are just damaging sales, unlike serial murderers, gangs they hurt people, there is a big different’s