US Blu-ray player sales spike

I just posted the article US Blu-ray player sales spike.

Driven by lower prices and more HDTVs in homes, Blu-ray player sales are on the rise in the US.

The data, reported by PC World, comes from market research firm the NPD Group. First…

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Aren’t the NPD Group studies the ones that are funded by members of the BDA?

Are they? Which studies? Which BDA members?

@CDan NPD is the group that tracks all sales of consumer goods in the US. I think they are an independent group, but if part of the funding comes from groups in BDA, it is irrelevant b/c it would be illegal for them to fudge numbers.

When will they get it? Blu-ray will not “take off” until they stop charging such an outrageous amount for movies!

I’ve been seeing alot of people I know starting to get into bluray so this doesn’t surprise. As for prices, it would be great if the dropped the prices on new releases. It’s been positive that alot of non-new releases have had price drops. But 32 dollars for a new movie is a bit steep. I’ve been holding until they drop in price a few months down the road.

Ahm. Amazon Marketplace . Lower prices same great picture. Like used like new.
I picked up Blu-Ray 2 disc Special Edition with digital copy of Batman Dark Knight for $15.00 shipped.

Ok so You have wait a while for disc prices to come down after release, watch other stuff in the mean time.

I strongly believe that the Panasonic DMP-BD60 & 80 are fueling the increased sales. Who not buying the 60 buying the 80.

And the 80 is WICKED. Finally we can get our Divx played Right.
It also plays downloaded hi-def (some work involved).

And the 80 can be yours for $320 shipped.
Not withstanding that your DVD library can look wicked too.

I believe we can have 3D-Blu Ray this year but they are only Now getting Milk from this present Blu-Cow. They havent really started to milk it yet.

I don’t pay over $20 for any new Blu-ray movies.

Stop buying them at obsolete brink-and-mortar stores.


I agree, over here in the UK you can now start getting deals from amazon for £9 (only £2 more than the DVD version)

prices are coming down if you bother to look.:wink: