US BitTorrent site admin sent to prison

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  Womble used our news submit to tell us about a report listed over at TorrentFreak, that gives us some news about the hazards of  running certain types of websites. This will be the first...
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They just wanted to make an example out of someone.

Looks like they got the job done!

Ah yes, that’s more like it. We’ll get the rest of them in due course, just you wait and see. :X Let those criminals rot in jail! Jack

Jack Valenti said: [I]Let those criminals rot in jail![/I] I wondered how long it would take for you to show up. :B

Well yes, preparing all those lawsuits is a time consuming business, you know. :wink: Jack
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Think about it, 50K BT Leechers, 50K cases, 50K lawsuits, a rich lawyer, 50K people in jail with $3K fines. Taxes are raised because we need enough funds to run the prisons or more likely build new ones and feed the new 50K prisoners. I think the goverment has more things to worry about then some joe schmoe bittorrenting. Scare tactics for you. Just don’t cry when a federal agent starts knocking on your door.

Ah yes - our taxes and government protecting the life, liberty and freedom of the masses - masses of money, that is. If these are the “biggies” for the FBI to chase after, we must be in pretty good shape in the USA. I expect the time and money imposed on this poor slob was a lot less than the time and money to fight it would have been - which seems to be the favorite strategy to be employed by the riaa and mpaa and all their lawyer and government cronies. The good news is that with all this going on, sales of cd’s and dvd’s must be going through the roof, now that rampant piracy is being brought under control with all these expensive measures being employed. Right? Right? Hello . . . . oh - you say what is being offered for sale is still overpriced and mostly garbage . . still? hmmmm.:r

they are wasting tax money on unnecessary things. they should spend more money catching perverts, spammers, id thevies, etc on the net; caching those will be better for the common than hitting young and stupid copy-rights priates helpers of course, our (u.s.) government must keep the promise made to mpaa lobby group. what am i saying…us is the capital of all capitalism; money comes first above all

So in this world you can go out beat the shit out of someone and get a couple of months in jail probably none if its a first offense. If i share some copyrighted matterial i get put in jail for 5 months which will probably work out less with probation etc. TBH its not as though he has been put in jail with murderers etc its probably a low security jail as he is low risk.

btw, if the admin did not plea guilty, his life would have been even worse unless he could afford good lawyers. 5months in jail + 5 months home arrest + 3kusd fine is less than the cost of lawyers in terms of loss of income through these + fine compare to the cost of hiring good lawyers + all the troubles with the trial, but of course, the admin gave up the right & the precedence in the court which is very important

I’m all for catching and prosecuting these BT bastards. They illegally download games, music and movies. Bravo. Umm… I have to go delete some stuff off my PC. Gotta run. L8r. :slight_smile:
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re: “Ah yes, that’s more like it. We’ll get the rest of them in due course, just you wait and see. Let those criminals rot in jail! Jack” …ARSE!!!

Well isn’t this a nice headline grabbing operation. Here we have Immigration crying in front of congress that they can’t protect the U.S. borders from illegals who come in the country and cheat on taxes, steal medical care, get free schooling, commit crimes, smuggle drugs and get welfare for their US born children and work illegally. And why can’t U.S. immigration deal with illegals? Gosh! Maybe it is partially because they are running around investing resources in a Hollywood corporate piracy battle. We don’t need a friggen mile long fence at the border. What we need is for the government to start listening to millions of tax paying citizens who, could give a sh*t less about the RIAA and MPAA. How 'bout U.S. Customs and U.S. Immigration quit sitting on their asses, chasing people around on their computers, and get out in the field and start blocking and detaining illegal imports and illegal aliens. It is just friggen incredible how the entertainment industry seems to own our law enforcement resources. If the government would invest just one tenth of the resources in actually investigating the industry perhaps it would crawl out of bed with the industry people, take off their blinders and get a clue who is damaging what in this country. I guess it is asking too much for some government zealots to take a balanced approach. After all you can’t promote those government and political careers without headlines. I suppose it is asking too much to ask the government to take a break from the terrorist threat of file sharing and do some friggen work for a change.

Has nobody else noticed that on the FBI notice, the logo for the Department of Homeland Security is there? I suppose they did that to spread more horse crap about it funding terrorists. Yeah they made an example of some crappy little torrent site i’ve never heard of cause they can’t get the big players. Anyone with any sense uses usenet anyways.

I like to congratulate victory in your war for terror! - Borat Seriously, FBI is understandable but Immigration and Customs? Was there an international element? If it was illegal or undeclared profits one would think the IRS would be involved as an old school indirect way to nab baddies. I guess the Dept of HS is the umbrella organization these days so explains the use of that logo despite it seeming odd.

My grandpa, a veteran of 2 tours in Vietnam, who knows next to nothing about computers, keeps asking me why the FBI keeps waisting their resources & time & not going after the real threat in the world, Terrorists. I told him, you’d have to ask the FBI.

Hmm, sounds like a plea bargain case only, for to fight the FED’s with current corrupt US Court system, you need a spare US $25 million or more , and be willing to spend the next ten years in and out of court to get them off your back literally! As for illegal immigrants , sadly we have been fed a line of horsehockey so big, it gave rise to RIAA/MPAA so called “internet pirates are stealing everything including the crown jewels fallacy claims” For in this day and age , to crucify anything hide the real facts, and embellish total fiction as fact and over emphasize the very bad stereotypes!(repeat the same lie so often, even the controlled news media barons will print it as fact as was the case in 2003, thankyou Judy Miller!) A simple basic statistical check on the total US prison population by country of citizenship , will show up the total fallacy about illegals and criminal activity! Oh well, in this new century fiction , stereotypes, political grandstanding, misinformation and photoshopped propaganda rules with a vengence!:c

People can buy and use UZIs... Kids go to skool and use those Guns.... Everbody uses Guns People died in Afganistan… But wait!! 23 years guy is making ilegal distrubution, and many Multinational enterprises are loosing $$$:c:c We got love to live in USA…:+ This month: 200Gigas of stuff ( and i didn`t kill nobody:S) :wink: - God bless Europe!:X

The reason ppl dload crap is becuase some stuff doesnt come out in their country soon enough. Are most Aussies going to wait for prison break season2 to air NEXT YEAR? Hell no. Morons. I still buy the boxsets, original stuff but I am not waiting 6 months to watch something that should air the same time as everywhere else.