US army to use lasers!

This is actually a story how lasers could hurt people and make them blind and how bad this is (yeah I know it’s bad) but the most intresting news to me was that the US army will use lasers.

I always thought this would only be used in movies and comic books, but it seems it will be reality. pretty cool if you ask me !


Indeed, Lockheed, reckons the laser weapon will be ready to test by around 2010 and could go into service by 2015. Rudy Martinez, from the Air Force Research Laboratory in New Mexico, says the weapon could selectively destroy ground targets such as communication lines, power grids, and fuel dumps, or even target the fuel tanks on vehicles.

At the moment, bombs are the only way to destroy these kinds of targets, but they are much less precise than lasers. The US Air Force (USAF) is now busy identifying the points on potential targets that would be most vulnerable to the laser. On a truck laden with electronic controls, for instance, the engine compartment would be the best strike.

The US is also trying out “non-lethal” versions of laser guns. the gun fires a pulsed energy projectile (PEP) that superheats the surface moisture around a target so rapidly that it explodes, producing a bright flash of light and a loud bang. This projectile acts like a stun grenade only it travels at the speed of light and pinpoint accuracy. TIME magazine has a whole article on these weapons in the July 29 issue.

So phasers will be for real?

Could come in handy when they need to destroy that asteroid that possibly is heading our way. :bigsmile:

They actually are developing guns where you can change the hardness of the bullet in the field. If you want to “stun” set it to soft, if you want to kill, set the bullet to hard.

What I want is SHARKS, with laser beams on their heads!
Austin Powers

Beam me up Scotty!

> So phasers will be for real?

I think, photon torpedos will come first.

where do i apply for the us army :stuck_out_tongue: ?

At the INS office :bigsmile:

Hmm… i know a couple USAF pilots, lets just say that some of em dont go up completely sober… i wonder if they’ll target my piece of sh*t car so i can get some insurance money…!

Call me when they make lightsabers…I’ll order one. :stuck_out_tongue:

high energy stuff is all the rage - you should see some of the radio wave stuff they are working on. CRAZY.

about the PEP guns, though…would that be like the schwarzenneger / vanessa williams wipes drool movie?

Originally posted by ckin2001
high energy stuff is all the rage - you should see some of the radio wave stuff they are working on. CRAZY.

oh , you mean project HAARP which can change the weather everywhere in the world or disrupt all wireless communications ?

I want a lightsaber too! :slight_smile: