US Airways gets in-flight Wi-Fi



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US Airways is finally getting on board with in-flight Wi-Fi, becoming the fifth U.S.-based airline to do so.

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$13 for Wi-Fi? Hmm… so, how fast is this connection? Would I be able to fire up my torrent program in Vancouver and have a 700MB DVD rip of “From Paris With Love” downloaded by the time I got to Halifax? Just curious. You know… for humanitarian reasons. Like Jerry’s kids. Yes, I would be doing it to benefit Jerry’s kids.

This message is transmitted on 100% recycled electrons.


It’s expensive, but it’s quite the monopoly. You either use their crappy expensive in-flight wi-fi, or you use nothing. Definitely makes cross-country flights go faster when you can browse the web & check email.

I tried it out on another airline when they were running a free promo last year and it performed fairly well. Of course, I didn’t try anything particularly data/bandwidth intensive.


Excellent idea!

When the plane is about to crash i can Twitter about it or email the last version of my will to my family.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have lost the right wing but we are trying to make a safe landing in the middle of the ocean. Please remain calm and fasten your seatbelt. The twitter website has been opened to shout out your screams. Linkedln is already updated and have deleted all passengers accounts. Facebook remains as it was. Google maps has been updated so the location of your remains will be known forever and for interested divers to find out. Thank you

Oh… the no smoking sign came on, but who freaking cares… Captain out…"