US$ 200,000 award for Linux on the Xbox

I just posted the article US$ 200,000 award for Linux on the Xbox.

The XBox is currently a pretty hot item, and many people have started projects to be get the best of the console system developed by Microsoft. We have already seen a multi media player that will…

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In other news, cancer is still uncured and people continue to die of starvation every day.

“Sourceforge is trying to get Linux on the Xbox, making the device Microsoft free” Wow, making the Xbox Microsoft-free. That would be quite an achievement!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

and in other breaking news bill gates announced today that microsoft would work alongside linux developers with the aim of releasing the full potential of the x-box BWAAHAHAHahahaha…:7

Microsoft free? Umm, okay, maybe you HAVENT noticed this yet, but, XBox IS Microsoft. Sooooo, therfore, accomplishing the task of making it M$ free, would require it NOT be made, developed, and distributed by M$. You can take the M$ out of the XBox, but you can’t take the XBox out of M$. :wink: Stay happy ppls. :7 nEXusJ

I agree with FB. What i lame project…

The XboX is just a piece of hardware, and if I’m right only the software itself is Microsoft (maybe some hardware with their name on it, but that’s is probably rebranded ?), so if you remove the OS, the Xbox is just another piece of hardware and Microsoft free that’s what I meant. If you hace it’s already out of Microsofts hands, so removing the OS, would make it free of Microsoft and free to you to use it, howerver you want…

DoMiN8ToR is right. Every piece of hardware is made by actual PC hardware companies. Only the software is M$