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I have noticed everyone puts links to different things in text form, Like Click here and it takes you to a site. I can do this in an email but can’t figure out how to do it in a forum. I have searched and even tried afterdawn, but all sugestions have not worked.


Take a look here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the repy, I tried reading what was in the link but it is very confiusing. Please just show me what you typed to make the word (here) take me to the thread. I will beable to figure it out with that and the thread instructions


Take a look to the attachment :slight_smile:

Link.txt (176 Bytes)


You can use the procedure described in this post.

You can also do it manually by entering vB code directly:

This forum is [here](http://club.cdfreaks.com/).

This forum is here.


Thank You every much I now understand it. I have tried many sugestions , but they were not explained to good so they didn’t work. Thanks again, I have learned a little more. Today is not a loss.