URL for clean table of theoretical best +RW times?

Of course I’ve seen LOTS of separate reviews of writers and media on this site, but I’d love to find a cleanly formatted table showing theoretical best (unrealistic) write times for burning a full disk of movie content with verification at different media “x” speeds.

For single and dual layer …
For initial and re-burn …
A straight copy with no on-the-fly compression editing and archive updating …

With whatever other assumptions you’d care to make about how many times the media had been used or what have you.

I’ve just seen DVD Rebuilder take 3:40 to take a not particularly especially DVD-9 disk and output DVD-5 at about 70 percent.

I’m ready to use bigger media or give up some fidelity to make this go faster!

I’m looking at +RW as DVD-9 disks cost enough so that I wouldn’t want to be making coasters.

Good luck finding DVD9 R/W. As for commented Media info, have you tried http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php ?

I found that site yesterday, and as far as systematic exchanges for experiences with media, it looks like it could be a real winner. I was going to ask here about how many folks post experiences there.

DVD-9 R/W, yeah, no hope of that. Until DVD-9 +/-R gets cheap enough to go into the burn, watch once or twice and toss, I might get on fine with regular DVD+RW, if I can find a good deal on something from Verbatim or TY.

After watching a re-authoring session with VOBblank take almost four hours yesterday I was in despair. DVDshrink did the job in about seven minutes by comparison, and the result was pleasing to the untrained eye.

I know the results will depend on many factors, but I’d love to find something in the middle!