Urgently need help in slogan!

i am brainstorming for a slogan for my company from several days. but unfortunately with no results until now :frowning: i really need a slogan that is out of the box. We are consultants specialized in the ICT - Information and Communication Technology - field.

I need a slogan that reflects that consultancy part of our job. the slogan might contain the word “expert” or “consultants” or “consultancy” or “ICT”…

i really appreciate your help

nathaly saba

You just posted this question in another thread in the LR …

What’s the name of the company?

How much does this job pay, will you need a cv from us? :slight_smile:

The thread’s been sorted now, posts deleted :slight_smile:

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Companies pay large money for this type Idea, so your company has to hire advertising firm to get what they looking for.