My parents have blocked the phone so that none can make any calls. This has also blocked my internet connection. And all these cause the phone bill was 235 euros(internet was only 25). So can anyone tell me how to find a code to unblock the phone or is there any program for it. AT least just tell me if “phone blocking” is the right term cause i’ll be able to make a better search if i know the right word. ITS URGENT


Tough your parents pay the bill it is upto them what use the phone line is put to. You wil just have to discuss the situatio with them if they are willing to or live with it.


Woa thanks you are really helpful, like i didnt try talking to them…


Could we have anymore information about the telephone company and/or the system that is being used? And still, it’s your parents decision. Why not to go a school,library or internet cafe to do your online business?


Wow parents suck. Hopefully when you grow up you wouldn’t be the same way to your kids. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Look i’m in greece and my phone company is otenet so it’s not worth mentioning cause it doesnt help right? Anyway i’m in an exam period and all i want is to play for 3 hours per night. If i dont i get really pissed of and lose all my appetite for work. They dont understand though so i gotta do sth. I’m in a net cafe but i cant be doin this all the time.


Oh it’s an isdn line. That’s all i know.


Arx I wasn’t trying to be helpful I was stating a fact, we all have parents and we have all had to put up with rules that we have thought unfair. While they are paying the bills and you live under their roof they are in charge.

Maybe they think that you should be spending those three hours revising for your exams, which after all are very important for you to get on in life. Maybe try to reach a compromise of revise during the week games at the weekend or one hour o games after you revised, remind them they were teenagers once and needed to let off steam. That is how I got to keep my computer during my exams. You have said you have tried talking, but how?

By the way if anyone wants to know €235 works out at roughly £157 or $282 (US). If anyone heps you round the block I hope they also send money to help your parents pay the bill. Be fair to your parents that is a lot of money to pay out when other things have to be payed for as well.


As i said the internet costs are only 25 euros. The rest of the bill is made by my sister. So yes it’s unfair and it’s got nothin to do with my exams. Cause after a day’s work i need to relax you know play online from 10 pm to midnight. No it’s no big deal. So i guess you didnt read my posts carefully cause i think all things about costs are described in there.