*urgent* Which of these burners should I buy?

Hi guys … I hope everyone’s had a primo day :smiley: … I have a question that I need an answer to.
My old dvd writer is being replaced (under warranty) and I want to install a new one in a external case. I’d appreciate any expert advice on which model to choose… I need to give my answer tomorrow.

Please tell me which of the following burners is the most recommendable one …

  1. Asus DRW 2014S1T
  2. Asus 2014S1
  3. Benq DW 200S
  4. Benq DW 2000 DVD RW
  5. LiteOn LH 16W1P485C
  6. LiteOn LDH 20A4P
  7. Pioneer DVR 115DBK
  8. Samsung SH S202J

Please ONLY stick to the above 8 models, as these are the only choices available.

Dvd writer will be used to burn single and dual layer and writer needs to be installed in a NEXSTAR NST-540U2 or 525UF (not sure which one yet-but you can tell me???..lol)

Thanks guys, I look forward to your replies :slight_smile:

Welcome to CDF 2hearts.
Personally I would go with Pioneer.
The only IDE ODD I have currently is the Pioneer DVR-115D.
In an external caddy. :bigsmile:

Have you a link to the caddies you mention?

hi soulsurvivor…thanks for the welcome:)
in caddies i guess you mean the external case??..lol ok

NEXSTAR NST-540U2 http://www.c1com.co.nz/shop/step1.php?number=7685


The first one, NEXSTAR NST-540U2 is USB only.
But to me looks cosmetically better.
The other one, NEXSTAR NST-525UF has Firewire too.
Looks slightly dated, but has better ventilation.
(Not clearly shown here, but if as I suspect I’ve seen this case elsewhere. Sides are vented.)
So while slightly dearer (due to Firewire addition), the second option is what I’d go with.

You might want to take a look [B][U]here[/U][/B]:

Thanks :slight_smile: my choice has been made, Pioneer and 525UF it is … the mrs will agree too because you’re an expert :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice, you’ve been a big help :slight_smile:

You are welcome.

BTW Look here & you can see my setup as far as ODD’s go.

cool, i’m gonna have the same as you:) whats ODD’s mean?

[QUOTE=2hearts;2126471]cool, i’m gonna have the same as you:) whats ODD’s mean?[/QUOTE]


Optical Disc Drive(s)

il complete my setup next friday as my IDE ODDs caddy is on back order looks around coolaz lol

Thanks for headsup on teh lingo :slight_smile: